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  1. sorry Colette thats my fault I have my fb on lockdown. Have added you to Husky Huddle group so have a read through whats on there and if you have any questions you can either post in there or pm me. Look forward to meeting you on Saturday x

  2. Yes done it, didnt have the friend bit on before :)

  3. I must be a numpty too lol as I cant get your name to come up on search, hmm are you friends with any of the other guys on here and will try track you down that way (the stalker that I am lol) Ill change my settings for a few minutes so any one can find me (gulp) so try again to see if my link works for you then :o)

  4. Sorry ive gone on the fb link but cant find how to add you. Im colette guttridge if you want to find me on there? unless im being a complete numpty :rolleyes:

  5. Hi Colette yes its 12 to 5pm, our husky show is 1pm for 30 mins. are you on fb? add me and will add you to husky huddle group which has all the details on what we plan on doing and whats required etc http://www.facebook.com/harding.julie x

  6. Hi is the picnic in the park sat 12 till 5?

  7. Personally I'm more of a fan of fitted O rings as I feel it rubs on the webbing less and so is less likely to cause freying, but it would cost you probably a couple of quid more to have the extra rings fitted.

  8. thanks for message. i dont kno which one to go for? what would you do?

  9. Heya, there are harness' you can get with a choice of side O rings as well which is quite useful for it. If you wanted, I could speak to Sinead at Indi-dog and see about being able to sew you a fitted harness with the optional rings? Her harness are shoulder ones with a X shape on the shoulder to avoid the harness slipping around as well. Or I know she does those style harness' with a sliding O ring so it can move over to the side the attachment is on.

  10. Hi the trixie came today and its fab but shilohs harness slides round to the side, i have got it as tight as i feel is comfortable ? what do you use? Shi constantly pulls to the side away from the bike. I know he will relax more in time but in the meantime it doesnt look too comfortable on him. Thanks in anticipation :)

  11. Just bought the trixie off Amazon. Now im really excited !!!!!!! :D

  12. Heya, as I've said in your thread, it holds pretty well, but the shock isn't as good as it could be. I feel the shock absorption is better on a springer or trixie bike attachment. I use the trixie one currently, but have only been using it for a short period of time as I've only recently brought it.

  13. Hi i have been looking at the walky dog lead for my bike and was wondering if you could give me any info on them. My main concern is if Shiloh sees other dogs he will lurch in their general direction !!! how have you found using it?

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