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  1. Molly going crazy over the squeaker. Sapphire ripped it from her toy so I was squeezing it and molly started doing this, so i had to naturally record it and post it. Also, please be nice about her face. Yes she is a full Siberian. She was bit by my eldest Siberian when she was 9 Weeks old. It was one of those accidents that cost me a lot of time and money. She's a wonderful dog with a face that only adds to her personality!
  2. So a bit of an update, pred has seemed to be the trick. I declined to "load" her. She gets 5mg a day and has responded wonderfully, coughing as stopped almost entirely - She's still gotta get rid of things so I do not expect a miracle in two days, but after two days of use improvement is significant. No more snot or white nasty stuff coming from her mouth either. Much happier and more like a Husky again. I'll get a vid up sometime over the next few days I hope.
  3. Just about everything has been done, blood work, fecal work, x rays, allergy profiles. She's bee on Antibiotics and antifungals with no success. Taking to some other husky owners and sharing the video and talking to my OTHER vet, the lean is eosinophilic-bronchopneumopathy and were going to start her on prednisone next weak if i can get the main vet to agree. At this time another tracheal wash is out of the question. We have been able to keep up with cost with our dogs and having a house full it can be stressful but its up over $1000 for just the wash. Vet believes with no reaction to af/ab's and persistent for several years that we "may" be able to skip the wash and go ahead and start her on prednisone. This was thanks to some at another forum and then me calling and talking to our vet. She eats fine, like has a very strong appetite, if she is done and another dog not done she will go steal there food. My vet may suggest a course of antifungal before the prednisone but i'm ok with that. Though there has never been indication of a fungal infection.
  4. Also yes its time for her to be brushed again, its a daily thing with her, she just keeps blowing out and out and out, its that time of year where I need to get all my dogs washed and brushed again, But with her, its never ending
  5. So back in 2011 I posted how I rescued a male named Kody. Boy oh boy what a great 5 years it has been. Kody is still doing great! We have added a few, and lost a few. We rescued two SR Huskies 16 and 13, unfortunately Bandit had cancer that was far too terminal and his quality of life deminished so we had to put him down. Happy jack had a genetic disorder and withing 8 months of rescue we had to put him down, his rear end had stopped working and he became severely incontinent. We tried to make it work but with him not being able to walk most days at the vets reccomendation we let him cross. I still tear up, I loved him so much, in the short time that big and i mean HUGE husky (probably a mal mix tbh) won my heart. We also got a puppy, i was delivering pizza and ran into some white trash selling puppies, I had wanted NOTHING to do with these dogs or people. But I delivered pizza again and out game this red and white 8 week old puppy.. except she was a silverback and supposed to be all white, she was covered in SO much fecal matter it was hard to tell. I went to the bank, got the money and took her home immediately, I left work early even. She's now 3 years old and the joy of our life. Sapphire was a rescue who killed a chicken and was going to be euthanized, I received a phone call from one of my friends in rescue pleading with me to take her as nobody else had stepped up. I agreed' not knowing a thing about this dog. We love sapphire but she's currently very sick, she's been sick ever sicne we got her and with two years of vet visits i'm at a loss, but hoping that by discussing and sharing our future vet visits with Sapphire to the forum, I will find a solution as many trips and several thousand dollars later she's still sick. And then we have Bella, our pitty, because what pack is complete without a pit bull? She's an absolute sweetheart, and another rescue that sat in a shelter forever. I'll get some photos of happy jack and bandit here when my gf gets home as she has them all on her camera. And my perpetually sick girl Sapphire
  6. So this is Sapphire, she was a rescue and came to me sick. We have spent a lot of money on her and its breaking the bank, we wont stop but we are only capable of so much at a time and as such this issues has been ongoing for over two years now. Her nose is better since we put Mountain Salve on it, but if we do not keep up application daily she gets really dry and crusty. Snot is constantly draining out. She sheds constantly, all year round, not like our other two huskies. I'm gutted and heart broken that i've not been able to find a solution for her, i'm pulling everything from my vet today they said they should have it all ready for me tomorrow. I'm going to my other vet as i'm tired of my current vet telling me to keep trying all these things when nothing they suggest has been successful. She does not really get that much worse, at night she reverse sneezes and coughs more than the other dogs but the caughing and sneezing is always her trying to clear out snot. I do not know much about zinc deficiency but could it present itself this way? This was another reason I left my current vet, I brought this up to me and he told me dogs are not susceptible to being zinc deficient so he doubts that... This made me mad as I know Huskies and Malamutes both can have huge problems with zinc uptake.
  7. I'm thinking he's fine with daily 5's and 1 10 on one of our cooler days, temp will start dropping into the lower 70's upper 60's by next week and only start to lower after that so I think as it gets cooler I can work him up until we are both on a good physical pace that matches each other without either of us being warn out, but both getting a good exercise.
  8. So how often would you throw the double distance walk in there? 5 daily with Sat/Sun off? He still gets his exercise on Sat/Sun but my work means no long walks. So he has 5 days as I do for our walks..First two weeks only 1 10 miler then throw another in after you think? A lot of concern does come from his age too, while everything was checked out fine and he was given a good bill of health there is always a thought in there in regards to his heart as well. Had a friend with a Rot who had a heart attack suddenly at 8 and that dog was amazingly healthy on the outside. Was just sleeping and boom, it hit him.
  9. Excuse me? I adopted this dog... and I do not like your general tone. I'm doing all that I can to insure I maintain a fit healthy dog. He gets a great shot at life with me, high quality food and the best care.. considering he was a day away from death I'd say I'm doing him far more good than harm........... Let me add this: I ultimately just want to insure he does not push himself too far..he wants to please and I'd never ask him to do anything outside of his ability.
  10. He was fine after the rest, his owners only walked him for 3-5 miles every other day which is too little. He LOVES to walk and was not showing any signs of wanting to stop completely, just needed a rest. I just need to make sure he is fine with that rest, he seemed perfectly fine after he cooled off the water thing, i dunno if it was to get cool or because he has this thing with attacking invisible objects in water. I'm just concerned he may not be able to handle 10 daily and I need to move it to every other day with a day of rest between. He's a very healthy six, no hip/joint problems I'm aware of and he was just vet checked last week. After that little rest he seemed completely refreshed - I just want to make sure he was, and was not just pushing on because I wanted him to. I obviously do not want to push him too far, but i do not mind pushing him just enough to keep him healthy and going strong. :-)
  11. Me and Kodi walked 6 miles the other day with no problems, today i decided to push the envelope with him a little and we walked 10.2 miles today. However at about mile 7 1/2-8 he was getting frustrated (this was after a break to go play in the river in which he swam, drank and had a good time. He pretty much just said, nope not going until i rest, well i knew where a bench was so coaxed him another 15 mins to the bench, we sat down i let him rest up (the bench is next to a marsh as well) This marsh he suddenly decided he need to just go stand in.. no drinking.. just stand.. now he had been given ample opportunity to keep cool and plenty of water on the walk, it was about 78f today. He stood in the water for about 5 mins (i even got pictures of his tantrum) and finally was willing to continue one, which he did without a complaint, he's sleeping now and seems fine. Was going to do another 10 tomorrow and am wondering if i should plant for 15-20 minute break at the 5 mile point for him? Some pictures of our walk today :-) First photo is of his tantrum, rest are just various from walk and him playing in river.
  12. I've yet to hear my husky howl like this, well until just now.. lol he only gave me two short howls and then put his head back down but it was wonderful!!!!!
  13. It's amusing.. my cat wont let him go down stairs sometimes when i go down there now (as kody is in your pocket he likes to be with me at all times) Poor guy gets really frustrated but will not cross the cats path, he even whimpers/whines if i try and encourage him to run past.. I like that he is not agressive towards that cat, but this fear is a bit much for a dog! :P Hopefully he snaps out of it, I can live with it of course.. but my cat is very "dominating" and I'm starting to think he see's this as quite the fun game.
  14. This thread is so very interesting to me, my old husky when I was a kid exhibited almost every "bad" characteristic. The one I've adopted has zero issues off lead, comes when called and is always attentive of my location. Dunno about the digging, he prefers to be in the barn with me in my room or laying on the hay. Chewing.. maybe he has nothing to chew yet haha :-) Then again.. it has not even been a week yet, i expected a lot of these "issues" with him before I adopted him but am just thrilled/surprised he has none of them yet.
  15. Yes, I watch his behavior very intently, knowing that he is still technically settling in and may at any time show agression towards the cat. That said, the female cat saw him, freaked and went running, he got scared and hid behind me when i expected him to chase. Poor guy just has a light sense of concern in the cats but is more guarded in regards to his own safety over the though of pursuit. Is this a normal trait and not indicative of his potential prey drive? (he likes possums and will chase those however)
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