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  1. Just found a farm cottage on a huge farming estate between Guildford & Dorking that looks great. Views over the South Downs (hills), woodland great for the dogs
  2. Thanks for that Elyse, I'll have a look. We weren't searching actual agent sites as they are obviously limited. We were using rightmove / primelocation / findaproperty / zoopla etc. as they accumulate ads from many agents. Some of these sites do allow you to add key search words (pets obviously!). This method does show some places that say pets allowed, but also shows rather more places that say pets not allowed which at least rules them out for us. It seems that if there is no mention of pets then they are not allowed, but they have not bothered to actually state either way. The hunt continues...
  3. Thanks for posting that Alicia. Any suggestions of actual properties would need to be based on our requirements, which we didn't state. Dogs must be allowed... (obviously!) and a garden that is secure & so on. Standard Husky stuff. From a human point of view, we need either 3 beds (1 can be single if necessary) or 2 beds and a layout that allows one of the living rooms to be shut off as a bedroom. Victorian houses are often good for this, as long as they haven't been 'knocked through' to be open plan. We have a 14 yr old daughter (just started her GCSE courses and really doesn't need this stuff on top of her coursework) and a 21 yr old son so sharing a room is out of the question
  4. Sorry Gary, Bearing in mind that I am a Discovery owner, rather than being into van conversions, this is all I could find that is relevant: The idea being that you have a false boot floor above the crate and still leave a decent amount of boot space. The Discovery has a pretty tall boot for a car, leaving a decent amount of space for luggage, but you have far more height in your 'high top' van, and more available width / length. Also, some crates could open to the sliding door (if there is one?) and others open into the 'lounge area'?
  5. As a raised bed with crates underneath that would work but depending on how much total floor space there is / you can spare I was thinking of the dining table folding down into a bed (think of a caravan lounge / double bed - not the 2ish seat table you sometimes get) that way you get a decent sized bed. Then raise the *whole lounge / double bed* enough for the crates. The picture you have would not leave much room for 'windows' i.e. the crate doors / access. Obviously it would need plenty of ventilation / circulation. I have seen a picture of a raised boot floor with crates underneath and normal boot space above, in a car so not a van conversion, but I can't find that picture at the moment
  6. As you have a high top van you should have room to stand unless you are really tall. In that case, you could sacrifice some height in the combined sleeping / eating area (like in a caravan) by buidling a raised floor and having the crates underneath. You don't need to stand in the seating / sleeping area!
  7. Not my Disco, but something on my 'to do' list. It is a fairly common modification. The pic I was really looking for had a fold down mini sink next to the cooker shelf
  8. Following on from Lee's cooker idea, here are some pics from a Land Rover forum:
  9. cocker spaniel + poodle = cockadoodle?
  10. Could you ever live with something called that? Hey mate - nice dog - what is it? It is a Bullshi... I mean it is a cross breed
  11. Never mind it being a cross breed - re-read the breed name: 1) Would you really want to own a dog called that 2) I wonder if the name is the wind up?
  12. Had a bit of a go at brushing Mya at the park today, the wind blew it onto the fence:
  13. I was very sorry to hear about this when you called us this morning, but was obviously very relieved to hear when they had both been found. You will aleady know why I have been offline today. I hope they don't try escaping from Daniel's garden with all the work that the three (four including El) of us have done there, and still need to finish off!
  14. It was *shamelessly* stolen from a Land Rover forum...
  15. Try to get the council to re-tarmac this: http://news.sky.com/story/1129031/russian-road-in-running-for-worlds-worst
  16. Andy - of course you would be welcome with your clan & pack! As Biggles & Mollys Mum are both teachers, it would need to be during the holidays, so realistically October half term (about the same time as last year) as we are running out of summer holiday and have various things booked
  17. There was a last year, in the New Forest. There is a link on page 8 to a separate thread I made for the pictures, but the link seems to be broken. This camp was organised by Steph & Karen, with some of the other Kent members, but they are not very active on the forum - they tend to sort stuff out on FB. I had quite a long chat with Emma1979 a few months ago about having another southern camp somewhere, but apart from her, Biggles, Mollys Mum & myself, there didn't seem to be much interest, so it sort of fizzled out
  18. There was some talk about this, I'll take it over to the other thread
  19. Not sure where in London you are, but I could give you their details if you happen to travel to the western M25 (ish) area?
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