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  1. me and jo will be coming for the weekend just need to sort out booking the site
  2. sent you a message with my number loops
  3. get what you can and send a pic a day or 2 before and i will sort out some how of collecting it all if there is a lot loops
  4. i left you a saw last year or was it sold on ebay lol
  5. sounds good to me will see if its viable for us as we go back monday
  6. where abouts in liverpool and what time as im hoping to set off in morning sometime and will take you up on offer for fuel lol
  7. can you bring the other to camp too i will have it from you as my 2 only like to sleep together in a crate
  8. just seen your reply loops, i will see who and what is going in my van and let ya know asap may have to put a trailer on back of van which slows the mad one down
  9. you still have these storm?
  10. my thoughts exactly lol or ask me to do pick up and collect as i did with andy lol
  11. i forgot too hate fly away races always odd times
  12. im gonna need one of these to get a good year lol
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