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  1. Thanks for joining us Graham & Lou - please feel free to come again soon. Annoyingly I was in a rush to get out of the house and didn't grab a camera! It was a comparatively small walk for us: as well as your three there was just Keifer(Sibe X Mal), Angel (Utonagan), Pharoh(GSD), Sophie(GSD), Amber(GSD), Kura(GSD), Lexy(GSD) and Elsa(GSD X)
  2. It's a place called Winterfold Forest. Approximate postcode (nearby pub!) = GU6 7NN It's a couple of miles south of Peaslake in Surrey. If you want to give it a try, PM me and I'll send precise details on parking etc.
  3. I took Keifer out for a 2.5 hr walk today with a bunch of other dogs (including several wolfie types!)
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    I had a great time flying into Los Angeles a few years back. It was shortly before I was due to go and spend a few weeks at a US naval facility working for the MOD - so I had a very special VISA in my passport. At the immigration desk, everyone in the queue in front of me was geting the full third degree. When it came to my turn, I asked him what my VISA would allow me to do. He too one look and his attitude totally changed. "Sir, with that VISA you can do whatever you want" and let me straight through and looked like he wanted to salute me on the way. Made me feel like a real VIP.
  5. Does anyone else get a sense of deja-vu when viewing the posts above?
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    This is me with a foster dog a couple of years ago. His name was Montemarley (Originally Marley, was renamed Monty, but I liked the combined name!) He was one of four 6month old white GSD pups that we got out of Battersea - they were going to be PTS as they were adjudged to be aggressive. Montemarley was the most difficult - it took a couple of weeks for him to learn to trust me. After that he adored me but had difficulty making friends with other people. Eventually he went to a lovely new home in Somerset where they had three other whte GSDs.
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