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  1. It's taken 3 years to build this bond but Lilly and Sydney sure do have a lot of love for each other. I often think that Sydney thinks she's a dog, she shares their water bowl, I have often caught her getting dog treats and giving them to Lambo and Lilly from the tin..... if only she would make them sit first 🙄. But just thought I'd share that cat and husky relationships are possible 😍
  2. He is doing very well. The cone is now off so that's my shins also healing well lol. His hair is growing back nicely. He is loving all the fuss 💙🐕💙
  3. Well it's just in one piece, plenty of tape holding it together had to make some more repairs this evening 🤓 Lol
  4. Thanks everyone for your lovely messages, so we have just got back from the vets with his final check up. They are very happy with his progress and said his eye is healing nicely. We have got to keep the cone on until the weekend just to be sure it's healed enough, so looks like a few more nights on the sofa for me lol. He sends his thanks to everyone
  5. Yeah he's just over 6 yrs old so still young in my eyes lol. He seems to coping ok at the moment it's hard to tell withbthe dreaded cone as he bumps into everything but I think once we can take it off he will be different again. My only worry is he has always been an anxious dog and now with one eye will he be more so..... I guess this is something time will tell. But his little sister is looking after him beautifully
  6. Hi everyone so it's been along time since I have posted on here, I still pop in and out every now and then. But the last 2 weeks have been a hard couple of weeks for me and my boy. Lambo had been suffering with his eye and when we visited the vets they said he had lost his sight in his left eye so we have had to have his eye removed in case of a tumor. Luckily no tumor was found and his eye has been sent away for testing, he is recovering well and today marks 1 week since his op, the reason for my post is I'm after advice from anyone else that has a husky with one eye and how they have coped and any tips for helping him along the way. Thanks
  7. Can see her boyfriend sneaking in the background
  8. I haven't got photos I don't like to remind myself lol but I have lost well over 6 dog beds a full rattan conservatory furniture set numerous underwear garments had 2 carpets pulled up and by far the worst thing was my back garage door was destroyed
  9. yeah i gave them both a bath yesterday and have been brushing him with the mikki undercoat rake so sounds like i have what i need just time to ride it out once my new hoover gets here i wont feel so bad lol
  10. so here are some pics from the last few days enjoy
  11. lol i dont mind i gave them both a bath yesterday and woke up ths morning to lambos bum full of fur and where lilly was layed was just white
  12. I believe lambo is starting to shed for the first time and lucky me my hoover packed up last night got a new one being delieverd tomorrow thank god cant see my feet for the fur lol just after some advice on how long it usually lasts also any tips to make it quicker thanks
  13. thanks for your reply guys we have talked alot about it and think we have agreed to wait 6 months or so as we have had our fair share of problems with lambo a friend at work has 2 and highly recommeds another but someone else at work also breeds them and has 2 puppys ready now and this is where the idea came from she said she has a litter every year so will probably wait for the next litter lambo adores other dogs have never had a issue with him with other dogs it just people and im just concered that this will rub off hence why i want to wait although i have been told that it could help haveing another to show there is nothing to be scared of?? im just not sure how that would work
  14. so what are your thoughts on haveing 2 huskys is it a good or bad idea also when is best time to get another
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