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  1. Hi everyone!! I am semi-new. My husky girl Laylah Selene passed away 4yrs ago and we’ve finally decided to bring another husky into our lives. We put down a deposit on this sweet baby Sunday and we can’t wait for her to come home. She’s an agouti(I think? I posted a picture of newborn her and 2 week so if you can tell differently please let me know ) mom is a standard coat and dad is a wooly. Baby girl was a floofer when we saw her on Sunday so I’m assuming she will be wooly. We’re so excited to finally have a husky in our lives again. I don’t have a name for her though so suggestions are very welcome 😁😁 I’d be excited to get together with other husky owners in the area once baby girl is vetted and able she comes home in March 💖
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