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  1. kaiser


    Chilling on the playstation, how mature am I
  2. kaiser chilling with me watching the football
  3. i only let kaiser off lead in one place and one place only, my local park, ive been lettimg him off there since he's 3 months old, a lot of dogs are there and he plays with most, only has 2 gates in and they shut automatically, if im in another park i just use my 100ft lead
  4. want another husky :(

    1. mylilhuskyboyICE


      LOl when i was looking for my second, everyone i called reguarding pups were in ireland, do it lol

  5. i let kaiser off in bigger area's aswell and he always comes back, but some people are diffrent and dont want to take that risk that there dog wont come back and its understandable
  6. kaiser


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