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  1. You did all you could, and gave her a beautiful 4 years, now she's roaming pain free over the rainbow bridge, don't be sad, be happy cos you made her last 4 years joyful by saving her from a shelter and gave her the life every dog should get, doesn't matter that it was shortened, cos it's the quality that matters.
  2. That last sentence is the attitude you should have. One day at the time. And let her enjoy the good days as much as possible
  3. Poor Eisa, it's the hardest part of dog owning, to watch them suffer. I haven't noticed the thread before, so I gotta ask, what's the status of her lymph nods? When Kira couldn't stand up, that was the cause.
  4. Got married last weekend (6.6.) it was a beautiful wedding and we really enjoyed it. Here's us in the morning, accompanied with a sunrise
  5. Here's me relaxing with Kira, she's extra cuddly when we get home from the vet.
  6. To keep this going I'll answer my own challange Next, I want to see your husky digging (that should be easier)
  7. Seriously, no one has a rear view mirror pic?
  8. What are you talking about, huskies LOVE sheep :sheep: , love to eat them that is. On a serious note, maybe if they lived with them from the early puppyhud they'd probably see them as friends, similar to how they can get a long with the cats. But, just like with cats, I'm guessing it would only be your sheep, the ones he's familiar with, that would be safe. The unknowns would be free food. Just my opinion!
  9. I want to see your husky in the rear view mirror
  10. Not sure if she ate him or not, but that's a mouse by her snout. She dug him up right out of his hole I wonna see your husky yawning
  11. Kira = girl = 24kg is 3 years 11 months = Owner = DamirNYK (it's "K", not "X" )
  12. Husky Owners now has 2032 votes towards this years awards and 19362 as the total number of votes for all time
  13. Husky Owners now has 1882 votes towards this years awards and 19212 as the total number of votes for all time Please come back to www.1award.co.uk and vote again tomorrow.
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