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  1. i wanted to share a story, years ago when i was little my family was driving on our way to a camper site in scotland in the uk, and one day suddelnly my dad slammed hard on the brakes and we all went flying forward ( back then there was no seat belt law), and a dog had ran out into the road, BUT on gettin out to have a look the dog had been with two girls who was actually walking their neighbours dog, this dog had sat at the cerbside on lead, and for no apparent reason bitten the girl holding the leash to which she let go, and you guessed it the dog ran into the road... it wasnt a pretty site for me either as a 9 yr old, but on reading the posts here i just want to make a point that even dogs on leashes can be also injured cos of there unpredicted behaviour. I do let my husky off lead but only if she has a doggy friend in the park, our park has gates that are closed before we let her off, also i make note of her behaviour she is showing, and many a time choose to go into the tennis courts instead.. It s the owners decision , if they let their dog off and it gets injured then its them who has to live with that. I jus wanted people to see that accidents can also happen on leash..
  2. Luna just wanted the bubbles not the bath lol
  3. wow such lovely snaps, its hard to lift them up, they look huge when they are held, lol
  4. How about one with huskys smiling !!
  5. Here are some doggie snaps, when our grandkids come over, as soon as they look out the window luna stands up and is so nosy lol:lolman:
  6. can i ask, its sort of revelant , well its similar to the topic, i have a question, well ive noticed that there are more huskies that look diff to our luna-moon, in books ive not seen many her colouring, either im gettin books that have jus happened not to show her markings, but i see alot more huskies grey with white, and when i look at her next to another huskie she looks diff, she is full siberian , both her parents are too, but they in my eyes look more like the huskies ive talked about, have any of you seen alot of luna's colourings?? it's prob jus me, or the way i capture her in a photo, any answers would be great.. thanks:kimba2:
  7. I would say thats pretty dam close lol
  8. humm, ive not let her off in the water alone yet lol
  9. Hi thanks for the tip, many a time luna manages to get her legs caught in it, and im always lifting her up to get her out of it.. i bought a 100 ft lead and i didnt really think how long it was in reality lol.. it will be a while before i take that out hahaha
  10. Luna with her 4 feet off the ground
  11. Here is luna smiling, isnt this cute !
  12. Luna just loves being off the lead, here are some snaps to watch her in action.. awwhh
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