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  1. A source of support is Alcoholics Anonymous who have support groups for family members who are affected by or live with an alcoholic. They would probably have contacts for advice and/or support where you could discuss issues or potential issues as well as specialist counseling advice.
  2. Raw eggs are an excellent source of protein and the shell is added calcium. Egg shells put into the oven when cooling down and then crushed can be added to dog food at any time to get the benefits of the additional calcium. Mine have eggs at least once a week, but are now fussy blighters and won't eat the egg shell. They have a habit of licking the shell out and then crushing it before walking it all over the kitchen floor instead.
  3. So very sorry to hear of your very sad loss.
  4. Thanks for all my Birthday wishes, especially as I haven't been on here much recently. I am now 'owned' by three husky furkids and there never seems enough time in the day. Coat blowing and living in husky fur tumbleweeds has brought on a completely new meaning. I promise to post some pictures when I can work out how to download them off dropbox.
  5. Congratulations, which one is which? There is a saying "second hand dogs, give first class love" and I am sure you are going to get loads of husky cuddles and kisses along with the added extra of fur in your coffee, food and clothes (as well as loads of other places too!)
  6. Possibly some, but not all of their dogs are tested as they would be advertising the fact when selling their pups. Unfortunately I do not believe the Kennel Club of Great Britain is particularly interested in ensuring that dogs are hip and eye tested to ensure the quality of the Siberian Husky continues, as if they were they would make it a policy that any breeder who KC registers a certain number of dogs has these tests done. They are charging top price for their dogs and at the same rate as those that do have their dogs tested. The only organisation who would be interested in the business side of bulk breeding would be the Inland Revenue as they would expect to be paid tax on the profits being made. I have heard of one bulk breeder who was closed down not because of the way that the dogs were being poorly treated as breeding machines (no RSPCA intervention) but intervention from the Inland Revenue.
  7. I have two Siriniki dogs. One a rehome (taken on at 13 months) and one a rescue (adopted at 9 months). The rehome is not KC registered, probably due to the fact that he is potentially a second litter pup. He initially cost me a fortune in vets bills due to stomach and swallowing problems and still has to have his meat cut into small pieces due to swallowing issues. The rescue is KC registered and came into rescue after being in a number of different homes. KC registration means nothing. What is important is to ensure that you get a pup from parents who have both been hip and eye score tested. My rescue dog recently underwent surgery at Fitzpatrick Referrals (TVs supervet) to remove a bone chip frm his elbow and to have poor quality bone removed from the area. Without the intervention of Fitzpatrick Referrals this dog would have had a very poor life prognosis as the problem causing his chronic lameness did not show up on traditional x-rays and was found under an MRI. Thank goodness for pet insurance as this treatment was not cheap and there are not many vet practices around with the type of equipment and knowledge that Fitzpatrick Referrals have. Poor breeding along with poor nutrition in early life contributed to his problems. I have been told by two independent vets that he only effectively has one good leg due to skeleton issues = ?poor breeding? I would not swap my dog for the world, but he will be lucky to make old bones even with a good diet and regular exercise. A good breeder ensures that their pups are placed in good furever homes and will have a policy of taking back a dog if there is a problem. Unfortunately this is not appear to be the case with this breed line as a number come into rescues. I am not saying that Siriniki is the best or the worst UK breeder or breed line, but whatever dog you get check that its parents are hip and eye scored to ensure that the quality of huskies remains high and that we do not go the route of a number of other breeds of dog with common serious health issues such as hip dysplasia.
  8. Glad it had a happy ending. Lucky the other two didn't decide to go walkabout with the door wide open. You walking back with Darwin trotting along without a care in the world and you trying to keep your trousers up would definitely been a youtube moment.
  9. Zara and Foxy are just practicing to be the first huskies to land on the moon when Richard Branson expands his tourism in space to having hotels on the moon as well as the fact they want to come to the UKs 2014 husky camp.
  10. :cake: Happy Birthday Linda, hope you have a fantastic day with lots of lovely pressies. I wonder how many will be husky related? :cake:
  11. This is what the annual Iditarod race commemorates and the fastest time to date is under 9 days for a team of 16 sled dogs to cover (between 710 and 715 km depending on which route is chosen.
  12. Invest in a grooming attachment that attaches to your vacuum is my advice. My Ollie had to have an op a few months ago and has a lovely off the shoulder number to foot. His undercoat is slowly growing back,however still no sign of the top guard coat. As huskies have less layers of skin (dermis) they will suffer from skin problems unless their skin is protected by the double coat, so I am having to be really careful with him, even mud can cause irritation. The double coat acts as an insulation both when hot and cold. One good thing though no-one will want to sit in your chair at work. I also believe Nix is the Queen of the Lint Rollers (she posted a great picture a couple of years ago of her supplies) and that is another good investment. Welcome to the world of husky owning.
  13. Thanks for this NIx. Don't usually shop in Top Shop, but will definitely go in to see if I can pick some up.
  14. Thanks for all the Birthday wishes. It has been very hectic at this end, but hopefully I will be able to spend some time on the forum getting up to speed on what has been going on.
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