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  1. His heads in it does that count? Now that spring is near I wanna see you husky with flowers :x
  2. I want to see your husky in a santa hat!
  3. You say that now but 13 months is still young. No matter how well you teach them in the end they are huskies and they always take off sometimes not even becasue they dont listen but becasue they are not paying attention to how fast or far they are going. Ive had friends who had huskies with AMAZING recall but there have been a couple of times where they take off even Al from the forums has had this problem The only huskies I know of that dont take off are the really old ones because they just dont run like they use to So for the safety and sake of your husky never completely trust it because you are not your dog you dont for sure EVER know.
  4. Ive trained Marius on a martingale collar since he was a puppy and I dont have any issues with him pulling. Never used any harness or anything for it. When he has a harness on he pulls tho but Ive trained him to do so :/ The training Im going by says to do a quick snap of the leash, snap not pull so not alot of force just an attention getter and then a sit its like the stop go stop go method
  5. Show me your husky O_O uhhh....eating...yeee
  6. We have a great fenced dog park hereand its double gated so if somone leaves the gate open there is still another small enclosure and gate and I love seeing Marius run so
  7. I have read it >.< people like that should definitly not have dogs at all :/
  8. Wow great pics looks nice where you live...despite the tornado clouds of doom
  9. Thank you my hair is no longer that color...it wouldnt stay so I just dyed it back to black The under part was black anyways
  10. O_O ^me and Kyle ^ Just to add to all the epic hair colors
  11. On some cameras its called Kids and Pets as well ^.^
  12. We went to an event called Westside Daze and there was a lil carnival there ^hiding under a sign ^sharing water with my brothers german shepherd ^Teepee time ^Puppy party
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