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  1. Goodness! It's been along time since I was last on this forum, 2011 to be precise!! Nice to be back. looking forward to catching up with everyone :)

  2. Hachi always manages to find cooked bones hidden in the grass that the foxes have left. If he finds them ,he gobbles them before I can remove them Max and Blue have never done this. I spoke to the vet about it and he thinks that Hachi is super resilient!! It's a big worry though. He is getting better and I can make him leave things he would probably have eaten in the past. For someone to throw a cooked bone towards your dog is terrible! Hope Ice is ok.
  3. So sorry to hear this ,I really hope you find her soon. Have you tried taking the other dogs out to see if they can attract her attention? Or pick up her scent? Hopefully someone will pick her up and hand her in. Wishing you the best of luck in finding her soon.
  4. Worrying,same area I live in. No wonder I worry so much when people pay too much interest in my boys. Better to keep them safe and away from the scumbags.Some horrible people about!!
  5. Yes,they all have their own personalities and some love cuddles,but from my experience of adopting 3 male huskies,it comes with time. The 2 I have had the longest love to try and get as close to me as possible and love hugs. The latest addition,who was 7 when we adopted him 9 mnths ago,used to growl and flinch whenever he was touched. Hachi is now becoming more affectionate,he has stopped the growling(Fear/dominance) and actually comes for a cuddle and lays at my feet now. He has grown to trust,learn that human touch can mean pleasure and not pain and become more comfortable in every way. It just takes a time.
  6. This is the second dog that has been attacked today,sadly the other one,owned by one of my fb friends was badly injured and is recovering. It was also a pit that attacked this husky in the states. Another case of BAD owners,who are irresponsible and don't take care of their dog.
  7. That's awful and irresponsible I can't help looking at the sites....makes you feel sad...
  8. I feel for you.this is a difficult time for you being parted from Seren after being with her all the time. They slowly creep into your heart and then you adore them! I hope there is some arrangement made which makes you feel like you are part of her life still. One consolation with the current situation is that you know where she is and who she is with. Don't give up,things could still work out and you could have her back in the future,there is always a way.
  9. I am so lucky that when I started my new job at the school,they actually worked the hours around my schedule with my dogs!! I work for 3 hours,then have a break of half an hour,then back for 1.5 hrs. I work part time at week ends too. I find this is great and I have all morning with them to tire them out. They also have a really long evening walk and run. I now have 3 huskies and they are very content. Once they are well exercised,they sleep like logs!
  10. Well I hope you can both eventually agree on what breed of dog you want to add to your pack. I really do hope that you will consider adopting a shelter pet,that way you will probably be saving a life and creating another space for the next rescued dog! Good luck!
  11. Hi Craig,there is a group,West Yorkshire Snow Dogs on FB. I live in same place as you,not yet met up with them ,but hoping to soon!
  12. Just read your update,couldn't access it before? Well done for dealing with the lowlife,sounds like things could have become really out of hand. An axe???What sort of person was this?? Thank God the dogs have been taken away from him,you did really well and probably saved their lives. Really happy to hear your little girl is able to see. Well done for looking after her!
  13. It's so terribly sad that these pups are not only being bred for money,but that they are also being badly neglected. Lets hope the RSPCA take strong action against him. I wonder what will happen to the other poor pups This is one of the things that infuriates me the most,humans creating life with absolutely no regard or responsibility for it. It is so wrong and the laws need to be changed to stop this and make a difference. I signed a petition tonight from Direct.gov website,to make changes to the law re the selling of animals on line. Really hope this law is enforced and things start to chance. No more innocent animals need to suffer for mans avarice!!!! Sorry ,I get so upset. Back to your dilema,well I really hope you can get your pups health back on track. If is does turn out she is blind,then there are specialist support groups out there for advice. I would take care about shining lights in her eyes,just in case they are sensitive, I would leave all tests to a qualified vet. You sound as if you really care about the little girl,I hope things get better for her.
  14. I thought that part of being a husky owner was the uncontrollable excitement you feel when you see another husky!! I love meeting other huskies so much,they are all so interesting,individual,with different personalities. I just adore them all
  15. Stupid and irresponsible,even if the dog seems to recover from this,there could be irreparable damage done to the internal organs that will become more apparant in time. It's disgusting!! What a lowlife to not get vet care for the poor dog!!!!
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