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  1. Thank you Glad to be back
  2. Diesel all crashed out after yesterday
  3. Ofcourse diesel thank you Nice to meet you to! and thank you Thank you, happy to be back
  4. Thank you oh im sure there will be tons of pics Hiiiii!
  5. Thanks Andy, As awesome as that sounds i wont be able to go to any meets this month until i've found my feet again so to speak, but hopefully there will be another one and i will hopefully be there!
  6. Thank you Nix! I know he's smooooooge lol. Missed you 2 :') x
  7. Hi all, me and Diesel are back after a year and a half of Wales! Drifted away for a bit and had alot to deal with down there, but now we're back in England for the foreseable future and hoping to make some friends again! Diesel is fine and not such a lanky guy now, he's made loads of friends while we were away but is still a mummies boy. He loves running on the scooter and going for long walks around the park. Let me know what you guys think of him Not really sure what to say apart from i hope you guys welcome me back into the pack Missed you guys so much and hope you are all well! Ofcourse here are some pics of Diesel for you all Diesel in the house before we moved First day back in England Missed his wubba's Diesel at my nans today, he really missed them
  8. Back in England after 1 hell of a year!

  9. Hi all, Been away for a little while, hiding in the shadows but keeping an eye open haha (not going to explain but it is uncertain if im going to camp or not) Anyway here are the 2 new additions to my little misfit family Penny the 2 year old leopard gecko! And Yoda the 1 year old corn snake! Penny was over weight but is back on track now and Yoda is just about to shed so is looking a bit dull. Will get some updated pics once they are looking presentable!
  10. He doesn't like it if D starts the games but Giz will bug D to death to get him to play lol Ofcourse
  11. Nah, because my store has a marine section (1 of few, most only have trop and coldwater) we have it in huge vats so anyone that wants salt water can buy it from us Tbh though I have to mix it anyway for customers so might aswell mix it myself lol
  12. When I get back from Wales I'll take a pic of Diesels wardrobe lol it's insane. I spoil him rotten!
  13. Aww awesome pics looks like Skye is dreaming of taking part
  14. Thanks They are alot of work. Assuming you mean salt levels, we get the water Pre mixed from my work lol so it's easy But yh tis expensive
  15. Welcome Mr. Black Abalone Snail!
  16. Welcome! I love how my boy keeps me going and helps me through the tough times with his crazy antics!
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