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  1. I really should leave well enough alone, but ... Are there multitudinous implications in what Cory's written? Without doubt there certainly are. But this really tickles my sense of humour ... when someone decides to wander down their own primrose path, *I'm* not going to dissuade them and whatever the facts are behind what he intends to do, apparently neither does he. Almost from the first post, you (collectively) seem to have jumped to conclusions that are based only on your assumptions not on the hard fact of what he has posted. The very first post stated simply that here are pictures of his 6 week old pups and that he now has homes for all of them. The suggestion in the title that they are leaving now might have been unintentionally misleading but an understandable title. Emma in post 17 (which you cite) is there the suggestion that he intends to push the pups out now? If that's how your mind-set sees it, then possibly. But if you read what he has written literally he never says that specifically. He merrily allows you to make the assumption ... We accepted the stated fact that his male dog got into the kennel where the female was and impregnated her. Accidents happen. The fact that she's too young raised a couple of eyebrows but nothing outlandish. Suddenly, the conclusion that he's a BYB of the worst ilk is being strongly implied and that's a bit of an overstep, I think. Emily, I can see how you can see that; we have all accepted that Cory is going to do the best he can for his dogs and the pups, why of a sudden are the assumptions being made to the contrary. He hasn't said anything specifically that should lead us into thinking that. I, quite admittedly have a very odd sense of humour (oddly enough it's often equated by my friends here in the US to the "dry British wit"). Whether Cory isn't responding because he's offended by the assumption that he's kicking the pups out now or he's not responding because he's laughing up his sleeve is a choice I'll leave to you all.
  2. I've been reading this thread and actually find it somewhat amusing. Has Cory actually contradicted himself? Reading this thread, making no assumptions, I don't think he has. Has he allowed you to make assumptions without refuting them? Yes, indeed he has. The pups are six weeks old - fact He has homes for all of them - stated fact His job is sending him out of state and he has no one to care for them - stated fact If you'll excuse me folks, he's led you down the primrose path and you've taken the bait, hook, line and sinker. Being a bit of a moralist, I try to read what someone writes; making assumptions about what they write tends to be problematic, as in this case. There's another saying, probably more common the Texans that most - give the folks enough rope ...
  3. Removed #5

    Car Problems!

    Jason, typically water pumps are an easy replacement and whether drum or disk, brakes shouldn't take over an hour (or two if you're really not prepared) and together should cost less than the $500 you're being quoted for the pump. Admitted the water pump will take most of us who aren't mechanics the better part of an afternoon.
  4. Melissa, it's said that Husky's come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and colours ... there are dogs with short hair, like in your pictures, then there are wooly's who have *really* long shaggy hair and then there are some who have a medium length hair ... so you can't determine what makes a Husky based on hair length; some are very dark almost black, some are very light almost white with almost every colour and range of shades in between. What's the one defining thing that says "This dog is a Husky?" beats me, but we all know one when we see one.
  5. for initially my response to a moderators post and then more thoroughly to an exchange between a staff member and I. I think I owe it to my fellow members to explain what is going to be an obvious lack of input from me. I won't leave, I enjoy the discussion and the companionship among the members; I am going to refrain from posting. If I can't speak my mind then there's no sense in speaking at all. Staff, delete if it so please thee.
  6. Agree with you Tina, never to old to learn something new and this definitely is in the "new" ( and odd ) category. Went Googling and found some interesting reads ... do it yourself if you're interested.
  7. Zanki, the quick answer is that I don't think you can really prepare them for an absence that's that long. If you were dealing with a 3 year old child (or older, of course) you could explain it to them. The problem with dogs is that don't really understand a lot of what we have to say. I think you've done the best you can by bringing in a house sitter whom she knows and left her in her own home so there should be a comfort factor there for her. Go, take your time away and enjoy yourself, even if it's for business there's always free time to enjoy.
  8. Jason, I'll try to phrase this the best way I can and if it upsets you then as a moderator you have options to enforce your opinion. Personally, I don't think that you (or Live for that matter) have any justification for thinking this person might be a troll. They might be, then again, they might be exactly what they appear as - someone who's choosing to get a mix breed that most of us find unusual (at best). By the way, neither of the two spam traps I use on my forum indicate that the userid is either spammer or troll; a look at the user id shows a couple who might be this person and my guess is that it's a younger person on a Mac. Suggest that Google is often your friend in dealing with unusual people. Nix posted a very appropriate response - I think I could have accepted her response without being offended. The user did come across as being upset and angry - possibly understandably. Simply stated, just because their posts were angry, really does not give you (or any mod, IMHO!) license to be as rude in their post as you were. You "wanted to make it clear that their post was rude" by being just as rude? That's great logic. In fact, were I mod here I'd have posted a note in the mod area and then privately posted a PM to dammyy1; first asking if there was a problem with our discussion and secondly suggesting that they temper their opinions - though except for the angry tone, I find nothing wrong with their response. They would have been more acceptable had they toned their posts down. BTW, had you responded to me in PM, this would have been in PM ... since you chose to post your reply in the forum, so am I.
  9. As long as he realizes that he got the wrong thing then I can set back and laugh 'cause I know the reaction from a dog that gets the wrong thing!! I think I'd assume no house training has been done, it's safer that way. If he goes to the door (or otherwise lets you now he wants out) then I might be inclined to push my luck on the first night ... but then gain, you don't want to let him even start a bad habit if you can avoid it. But it's 02:00 your time now, so chances are good you won't see this until later today (your time) anyway ... what'd you do and how'd it work out??
  10. Jos, I'm glad you're there for him. Everyone needs a touchstone for when things are rough and you're apparently his. Like you, I wish you could get your own place so he'd have a safe, loving forever home.
  11. Looks like it didn't bother them at all. How's Nathan holding up??
  12. Very nice set of pictures, looks like they're gradually settling in with each other. How's momma doing now, can she relax???
  13. Uh, Jason, yours isn't a lot better as it comes across as being condescending ....
  14. So you been told how to, where's the video???? Nothing worse than a tease .....
  15. As Andy said, bringing an adult Husky into a house with cats is asking for a really bad experience. Cat sees dog, cat runs, dog chases. We all know that's a fact of life, when you're talking about a normal dog with normal fur the cat has 20 good reasons for the dog to leave it alone - with the normal Husky fur, such is not the case and of the Husky catches the cat, regrettably, normally it's history. Again, as Andy said, if you bring a Husky puppy into the house with an adult cat, the cat has a chance to instill some good, natural fear into the Husky that should last as he grows up and gets bigger. Sarah, I believe it was, found that such is not always the case. If you have the two of them together you must give the cat safe places that it can get to that the dog can't. A door part way open that it can get through that the dog can't, a set of shelves that the cat can get on top of but Husky can't reach - you get the idea.
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