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  1. Working backwards: Avalanche Alaskan Husky (current) Sasha Siberian Husky (current) Lakiva Australian Cattle dog / blue heeler Misty Siberian Husky Rusty & Dusty two of the seven puppies eventually found homes no-name (female mutt who gifted me with 7 puppies! and left!!) Kalah Black Lab Blondie Spaniel of some type Klevi Mutt Lady Black Lab (I forget name) GSD Kim GSD (and this is something like 50 years ago so I quit!)
  2. Hey Telli as the answers have already shown - like in everything, it really depends on the Husky. Of my two I have no doubt that Sasha would do a good job of defending herself (Well, she does do a great job of defending her food!) Avalanche, though he's the bigger / lighter of the two would probably just think the attacking dog was just wanting to play ... silly boy! I do like the comment about getting some mace (or other strong repellent, straight ammonia works wonders!) so that if he shows up at your fence again you can convince him that he really doesn't want to be there. Now, for
  3. Someone's gonna pop in with this so I'll beat them to it - leave them frozen! It helps to cool them down and is more of a challenge!
  4. Trying to get some perspective - and trying to get my mind off of Carly's hooters - is that something that's setting on the corner of a desk or table?
  5. Hooters??? Now that ain't like no hooters I've ever seen before!! << ducking >>
  6. Looks like a really bad selfie of a medallion on a chain ....
  7. US 1954 Brown -vs- Board of Education (supposedly) ends segregation in US schools.
  8. May 8 1945: The Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, officially announces the end of the war with Germany. The cease fire was signed in Number 10, yesterday but will be signed again with the Russian contingent today.
  9. Hey Alex, you've been awfully quiet. Okay, we were pretty rough on you but we humans are supposed to be the intelligent ones in this human dog mix - if you tell us what's going on we'll try to help. Maybe even give you a place to vent your frustration so you don't have to take it out on her or yourself.
  10. and I've read that today it's also blamed on bovine flatulence ... how many cows does it take to make up one dinosaur?
  11. 1429 - English siege of Orleans broken by Joan of Arc and the French army
  12. Alex, consider that you've had you butt kicked - I don't think I need to add anything to what the others have said. Sometimes it's just a whole lot better to take a break and count to a hundred or so and then try it again. You've gotten some good advice as Sarah said, when the training breaks down - it's time to go back to basics. Just keep taking her out and eventually she'll realize that if she lets you know then you'll let her out / take her out. You mention her reluctance to come to you after having hit her - well, do you blame her? It's going to take time, patience, affection,
  13. Liv, thanks for the gentle reminder that he (Luca's dog) is the SAR dog. I've seen the vid and I'm really astounded at how well he (Luca) does with him (the dog). Luca, I wasn't trying to be overly critical - but I sat here for two years saying that *I* had the exception; now I've set here for two more years kicking myself for allowing a beautiful loving dog to disappear. I'll do anything I can to help people understand that most Husky's will run if they get the chance. I really envy you the pleasure you get from him.
  14. Yep, you just keep doing that ... I live in the middle of nowhere - there's a thread here titled "Where's Al live" or some such. Misty was my first Husky ... I let her run because all I had to do was call and she'd come back - till one day (2.5 years ago) she didn't. Yeh, you just keep thinking that it's all right .... I now have an Alaskan who gets off lead when we go for a run because he stays beside the jeep when we're go out. Sasha, on the other hand is never off leash, I've followed her around a few hundred acres a time or two. I've had the heartache of looking, waiting for them
  15. YOUR WEBSITE VOTES Thankyou for voting. Husky Owners now has 510 votes towards this years awards and 21574 as the total number of votes for all time Please come back to www.1award.co.uk and vote again tomorrow.
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