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  1. do i know you??? ;)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Staceybob


      Oh, well keep off my lap then you weirdo.

    3. RIOTcore


      finne! i shall!

    4. Staceybob


      Come back, I miss you :P

  2. actually think this is the first time i been on last post wins
  3. Me and Kiz not long after I got her Me and Nook today after the New Brighton meet
  4. RIOTcore


    have fun over there
  5. This thread is pretty useful, being a first time husky owner soon when I get enough money I'm pretty weiry of who would be the right breeder to go to as I don't want to be robbed off, I want the bredder to actually give a damn about this amazing breed and not just in it for the money.
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