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  1. if it looks like a wink and not just eye's resting that will do
  2. new challenge is to get your dog winking
  3. haha heres mine ... scary eh lol
  4. yeh i will do hehe , thanks lol
  5. im puttin conditioner in over night and its working so il prob go a different colour sooner or later lol but i really know i shouldnt ! i wanna go red agen but hmm it fades within a week lol
  6. yeah i seen her fotos :eek: lovely but i dont think id be brave plus my hair fecked with all the bleeching it has to stay blonde just now
  7. thought id put sum pics up of all my crazy hair colours lol god i look diff in everyone 1 haha x:click:
  8. Haha , just noticed lol
  9. recent one of me eeek! lol
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