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    I'm Sharon, live in Shropshire with my OH, Andy, and our four hounds Taiya, Blue, Miko and Bolt
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    Huskies, Photography, Cars, Bikes,
  1. I first saw huskies on a holiday to Canada many years ago and decided when I emigrated there I'd definitely have one or two to go along with my lab/chow/gsd mix. Things changed, lost Murphy to cancer and got divorced instead of emigrating LOL! I knew that I couldn't be without a dog-sized dog for long so as soon as I found a rental that allowed pets I started trawling websites. I knew I'd find the right dog when it was meant to be and saw a picture of Taiya the day after I moved, even though I'd been looking for a pure husky there was something about her that just drew me to her so a week after moving house (a year ago huskyfest weekend!) we brought her home from the RSPCA. Six months later I started hinting at another dog and after moving again (I know 3 times in 2 yrs!) I started trawling the sites again. Blue was the 3rd husky we visited and I knew the second we saw him that he was coming home with us there and then. Hopefully my house will eventually sell and i'll be able to buy again, getting out of the landlord restrictions on pets, which means we'll be able to get another one or two - Andy wants a Mally pup next (even more so after meeting Bear at the weekend!). Just wouldn't be without them
  2. Safe trip Laine! Bet if you'd have had enough money in cash to do the trip they'd have questioned that too!
  3. Thanks both, they are and they do! LOL!
  4. here you go folks, this is me with my two, Taiya in front and Blue thinking I need a bath and this is Taiya, Andy my OH and Blue
  5. a second glowing eyes for you...
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