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  1. A couple of pics from a wee get together we had. Prince & Luna Luna & Zoro (does look like Luna has two heads lol)
  2. Ticks would need to be of a Rambo background to survive over here lol. Most drown due to our weather I did try to get down to her level but had to delete them as the grass took over and all you got was a flash of white now and again. The benefit of having an area to walk the dog that the owner does not want so you get free reign of the area and its closed in bar one small 3ft section that you use to get in. Really looking forward to the winter as I think Luna will love it there. As for the colour thats what happens to grass in a country when it rains for 360 days a year e
  3. Thank you (not that I have anything to do with it lol). The house one is good as I got of the car and looked up and their she is lol. Paula had her on the harness btw Look at the pic of her in the chair as its recent. Little madam lol.
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