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    I have three children who are all grown up but still living at home :) and now have 3 furbabies who are my life.. They keep me fit
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    Huskies and bikejoring
  1. 6290 come on guys lets get to 10,000
  2. Seems like ages so will be good to see you :) weather looks like it will be good so will make for a good walk :)

  3. Hi Liz hopefully gonna make it tonight fingers crossed Ill see uz later xxx

  4. 29 years ago my husband decided he wanted a husky. Not knowing the breed then I decided GS would be better so we got two. Then the kids came along and we lost the GS at the age of 10&11. No more dogs I said.... The kids didn't let up so we decided after having large dogs we would go for a small breed. Do we had a llapha aspo if I've spelt it right we had him for 14 years. Again when he passed away I said no more kids all grown up now it's time for me and OH to have a life. I found the house too quiet so we decided once again to get a dog. OH said a husky so we did our rese
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