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    I have three children who are all grown up but still living at home :) and now have 3 furbabies who are my life.. They keep me fit
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  1. Got to agree with all the above I found that at around 10 to 12 months they go from eating everything as a pup to slowing down. Our girls have one meal a day at times they go through periods of having two but they let me know if they get too much then they just refuse to eat its not the food it's just they don't want anymore I agree stick with one food and remove if not eaten then put it down again later they won't starve
  2. So hard when we lose a friend they will always stay in our hearts RIP Spike xxxx
  3. Brooke as usual getting her belly rub
  4. Liz Jones


    Was a good day but so busy only met up with a couple of people I knew from here and missed loads but was lovely seeing all the dogs
  5. Wish her all the best and hope the results are good news my last dog had epilepsy and only had fits when stressed so wasn't on medication all the time.
  6. Oh Mike I hope he's ok and didn't need to have his head shaved here's a pic of Indi 7 weeks in and she still scratches but getting less.. Hope he gets on with the food our girls love it and have had no upset tums
  7. Also try salmon oil pod for their skin and coat you only need to add a small amount so a tub will last forever
  8. Hi and welcome you have two beautiful huskies hope to catch you at some point we are in Aintree not far from Walton Vale
  9. I've got my 3 with direct line and had to make a claim this year for Indi and they have been brilliant alittle slow on paying out but think that's the norm for most insurances. Indi not on a life time policy but I can claim for her tabs for the full year and they've even said they can pay the vet direct really friendly and helpful on the phone too.
  10. Hi mike Indi has been on 40 mg of zinc supplements for a month and been fed CSJ and salmon oil for a week and a half and we are only just starting to see some improvement!!! The hair is starting to grow back and the skin has now gone black rather than red. See pic below Taking a long time how long has he been on the supplements??
  11. That is just a brilliant pic so made me smile
  12. Just a quick update on Indi still got two really sore ears but the legions around her eyes seem a little better can see some hair starting to grow back. Been on zinc supplements now for 3 weeks but taking its time to see any real improvements! Changed her diet to CSJ as from 3 days ago and put all of them on salmon oil Kitchen looks like a chemist with all the supplements at the moment hope it settles soon Can see her sore ear in this one
  13. Have a check of this one Came as a recommend to me from someone who has two dogs with ZRD and she then only supplements occasionally giving it a go to see if it works on indi she only started on it on Wednesday but no upset Tim so far and that's good for her:)
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