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  1. Good to know. For some reason it went to spam, didn't bother to check because I get them every day.
  2. But please remember that it is just a theory and retain an open mind. I wouldn't be surprised if your right but that wasn't really my point. My point was that saying they can't be off lead period, leads to more problems; Sure, it keeps people from getting dogs and setting them loose without knowing better, but it also spreads ignorance about the breed and the ends do not justify the means. It has MUCH more to do with the owner than the dog; In fact I retain my theory that virtually any dog can be trained to do anything if the owner knows what s/he's doing, but that is the key point and they MUST know how dogs think and must understand their individual dog; Otherwise it's like trying to tell a wall to paint itself. The thing that I learned about training huskies is that the reward has to outweigh the prey-drive. You _cannot_ train them reliably with conventional doggie treats because they have such a strong prey-drive, it's a reward in itself. I believe it's much more people's misunderstanding of canine pyschology that produces very few huskies that are reliable off-lead. People don't really seem to think outside of the box when training animals and that leads to bad behaviour in huskies when they try and treat them like golden retrievers or labs. Same is true for border collies or any "advanced" breed. The most important key to training a husky is using the right reward. If you can find something more rewarding than their prey-drive then you will be able to train them to recall from chasing a rabbit, but this is very hard to do obviously (and varies from individual dog). A good trainer would use their prey-drive to train them. Letting them chase a squirrel to reward them; It would take significantly more effort and understanding, the reliability is relative to how well you did and is still a grey area to me but a competent trainer should be able to do it. I would certainly be less likely to let a husky off lead than a GSD, but I would never let either off lead without adequate recall training with heavy distractions, without that I wouldn't even think about it... If somebody put a husky in my care would I let them off lead? I would have a broken arm before I would let that dog get loose; If I had the dog for a long time __maybe__. If I owned a husky for years would I let it off lead? Depends... So, __maybe__. Also I should mention this to anyone that would be (insane enough to be(?)) doing this, the reason why a 'reliable' dog can go rogue very quickly is because there is a HUGE difference from training inside your cosy house and trying to apply it in the field. It's just straight up idiotic to assume that a dog the does something in a low distraction environment will do the same thing with little critters runnin' around. While it might not make as much difference to us, it's a completely different world to them. and even if you have them trained reliably in an envirnment with lots of distractions, a new type of distraction (The "Golden Raccoon" shall we say) that again, we don't notice could pop up make a reliable dog not. So it's important to train for a very long time to raise the odds of training against all kinds of distractions. Even then, it's a risk. It works for some and for some it doesn't. I just believe people should be given the facts and that they should choose for themselves rather than somebody seeing that it doesn't work for them and then spreading it to other people whom it may work for like it's the gospel and then verbally burning anyone at the stake whom doesn't believe (I'm not necessarily accusing you of this, I'm just stating how I feel). ~Trey.
  3. Exactly! I hate questions like this because it's as if there exists an absolute answer. As with almost everything in the world it's not so black and white; It just depends, largely on training and genetics, upbringing etc...
  4. 92th... Claps for new thread!
  5. I wouldn't have said anything if you didn't call yourself the grammar Nazi
  6. If it's a real warning could you tell me in PM form rather than here in a suspiciously unrealistic manner? Also, I consider that a first warning because you referred to someone as "lil boy" in the previous ones...
  7. Oh you mean Cassiopeia? Yeah, but your grammar was horrible...
  8. Believe me, my sister was 10x worse than you, I know how to be annoying, Cassiopeia. But I would stop if you called me Trey and dropped your pride...
  9. Also, in a land not to far from the little Troy, There lived a super mod known as Cassiopeia, who threatened and threatened all day long but since Troy wasn't breaking any rules and this is the off-topic section he lived on... Oh and, you started it
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