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  1. Sorry about the quality, screen shotted from the video Next I want to see your Husky pulling a funny expression, e/g shocked / super happy / grumpy
  2. Stormy has a video of kita trying to get a bawball off of the tree
  3. @raindog thanks! thats awesome, Just Ordered it . If theres any others you could be as so kind to reccomend, I've made a thread http://www.husky-owners.com/forum/threads/reccomended-dog-husky-books.31168/ thanks again.
  4. Great post, Maybe get that seperated into its own thread and stickied?? Loved reading the explanation of Hukies intelligence, it makes so much sense. The extract of Seppala's Journey, where is that from? Is it a full book? I'd love to read more!
  5. your turn to pick a theme @<3Jess<3
  6. i done it like 10 mins ago!
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