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  1. Thanks for the advice, she does this on journeys of less than an hour, when we're on the motorway she goes to sleep instantly! She's very used to all journeys, doing a ride under an hour each day, and twice a week she's in the car on the motorway for 4+ hours. Am going to the retail park tomorrow which has a halfords and pets at home so will go in both and have a look. Will let you know how we get on x
  2. Little Nel used to be very well behaved in the car, she always sits on the front passenger seat, usually still just looking out of the window. She only gets aggitated when using the indicators, thinking she doesn't like the sound (no way of turning the sound off). She is very used to the car and has been on regular journeys probably at least once a day since we got her 18 months ago, 10 min journeys all the way up to 4/5 hour motorway drives. However for the past couple of weeks she has been aggitated for the whole of the journey, fidgeting, whining, barking and trying to climb onto my lap. She is always wearing a harness that is secured to the seat, so she can't get on to me or effect my driving, but it is distracting. Anyway I have two questions I'm hoping you guys can help me with... 1) Any ideas as to why this behaviour has suddenly started? 2) Can anybody recommend a dog guard so I can put her in the back seat and not have to worry about her climbing into the front? Thanks guys x
  3. Bakers treats are also in Poundland at the moment, good variety in the Birmingham one x
  4. [h=1]http://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/birmingham/easipetcare/8960834 Pet Cat or Dog Vaccination and Health Check for £8 at easipetcare [/h]easipetcare Inside Just for Pets, Unit 2, Salt Walk, Coopers Square Burton upon Trent DE14 1AA
  5. He's taking her in to the vets to get her nails done next week so he's going to book in a check up for the same time aswell
  6. http://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/national-deal/Pet-Shop-Online/5899400
  7. Thanks guys, I'll ask him to take her I think x
  8. Hi everyone Needing some advice on my OH's dog. She is a 14 year old Staff. Recently she has started crying constantly and nothing we do gets her to stop. OH is convinced it's just old age but I don't remember my previous dog getting like this (she lived to 19) and am wondering if there's anything else that may be causing her to cry. She has cateracts and has always cried for you to turn the lights on when it's dark however that doesn't explain why she cries during the day. Other than that she has no health problems. Also I feel I should mention she is never left on her own, there is always someone in the house and often my dog aswell, and she is exercised regularly. Can anybody help? x
  9. People should be able to control their dogs if they can trust them off lead!
  10. Welcome! What cute pups, and brilliant names!
  11. http://www.newlook.com/shop/womens/tops/howling-wolf-print-tank-top_239844603
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