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  1. I would like to add again to this thread... Since getting Little Nel I have come to think that she is a husky in mongrels fur as she has so many husky traits I tihnk most of these traits apply to most dogs, Little nel is from a working dog blood line so maybe that is why she is similar. Anyway, as said by other people, the recall of her while she was very young and still quite shy was amazing, she was never more than a few feet from us and would come back and stop whenever asked. She is now just over a year old and will take the chance to chase anything at any given opportuity - she will always come back but sometimes she does disappear from sight when we're in the woods and she's chasing squirrells and it takes a while to get her to take notice of you. For me, Little Nel is never off lead around roads as she has no understanding of cars, she is not allowed into the porch incase she runs out the front door when opened, and she is on a lead looped around a dog loop in the boot of the car whenever we go out in that incase she tries to jump out in the car park before we have hold of her. However, I am confident that she will come back to me everytime when on a walk in the park, in the woods or on the beach. People have to understand that every dog is different and only the owner knows them well enough to decide these things. As long as people who are interested in getting a husky understand there is a strong likelyhood that they may not be able to exercise them off lead then it is up to them to learn their own dogs personality and decide what to do. x
  2. Was hoping someone would do a thread like this lol! Taken me nearly an hour to look through all of them Some really brilliant pics in there!
  3. We tried Millie off lead for the first time at the weekend (husky camp) and she did really well! Was only off lead for maximum of 5 mins but very impressed with her behaviour! I think in certain circumstances off lead can be ok but wouldn't consider it at home or in our local park
  4. I've voted no - however if we were to find an encolsed space that I was sure she couldn't escape from I would let her off there. Not sure if Ill ever be able to trust her off lead in an open space though
  5. doing some husky reasearch on google and the forum came up on one of the links... loved all the useful info and joined! x
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    Me and nick about 2 years ago Me in the middle on a night out last month Out for works christmas meal (me in middle)
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