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  1. hi all , tried uploading some pics from yesterdays meetup but having trouble , any ideas
  2. great pics sid , trust my dog to be having crap in one of them lol top left hand corner
  3. Thanks peeps , got a manmat harness and a bungy lead , yesterday and are very happy with it thanks Karen and Tom
  4. Thanks peeps , spoke to the owner yesterday and thanks to a couple of friends gave him a number to contact , so hopefully they will be reunited very soon , thanks x
  5. Get both..!!! at the end of the day just keep the bird in its cage while your dog is around , the bird especially an African grey wont take no shit from a dog if it gets too close to the cage , our Rico is more scared of the bird than the bird is of Him and when our bird says "no" the dog looks and thinks hello a bird telling me no lol... If you train your dog not to jump up at the cage then everything should be fine , good luck :-)
  6. No it's a friend of a friends not got no more info really , I'll try find out more
  7. not sure , wich bypass and when , its a friend of a friend whos dog it is
  8. Hi we have a mal and a African grey any they get on fine , Rico our mal sometimes winds Andy the parrot up, but Andy will tell Rico to stop it . He even shouts Rico so the dog goes to him :-) and if I do let Andy out Rico will be out of the room , so guess if he's kept in cage thinks it will be fine .
  9. If anyone has seen or been offered a Siberian husky in the lees or oldham area please contact 07506857501 picture attached thankyou
  10. Rico been for his wash and blow dry , smells nice , looks fluffy , until he goes in park lake again :-)
  11. Hi can anyone please suggest were I can buy my malamute a good quality harness from and witch ones are the best . Thanks
  12. Thanks Sara it is top in it , think it's time to make another one , :-)
  13. It was a great day we all enjoyed it , I stunk just has much as Rico lol give him a good rince so he ok now , have to do it again soon :-)
  14. Went to Queens park today with our Rico and met up with Sarah, Mark and family with their two huskys and Suzanne and Tony and kids with little Marley and Rosie..
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