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  1. This is my 2 and my mum's 2 dogs right now waiting patiently for my pizza!
  2. This is similar to the one I use although I didn't pay that much for it. It is an RAC cover and came with 4 head rest covers too. It has 4 bungee cords to attach it too the headrests and has a zip instead of velcro slits to use the seats belts. The ebay link shows the exact one I have but the other link shows it in use better. http://www.jamesmeade.com/products-RAC-Safety-Car-Hammock-for-Dogs_00434.htm http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RAC-Dog-Pet-Car-Seat-Cover-/181044829659?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item2a271cdddb
  3. I use one of those hammocks you are looking at Becky. I love mine, it works and protects the back seats lovely and there is nothing I don't like about the one I have. I can use the seats belt with it too so would definitely recommend one
  4. My friend is selling her 2 dog rigs. Details as follows: Steel dog rig (colour green), comes with a spare wheel & tyre. Is in a used condition. Originally brought from Steeldog :: Custom Rigs. Also comes with 1 gangline (either a 2 or 4 dog line, only 1 of each available to choose from). £200 o.n.o Dog rig (colour black). Believe it was made by Chris Kisko. Is in a used condition. Also comes with 1 gangline (either a 2 or 4 dog line, only 1 of each available to choose from). £200 o.n.o It would be possible for the rigs to be delivered if petrol money su
  5. cas


    Me with my 2 princesses
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