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  1. well i have been lurking around but not posting, anyway i have a dslr at last (having wanted one for as long as i can remember) So here are some of the pics we went camping in the new forest and the wildlife just walks up The beginning of zoomies this picture of amber sitting by the lake was taken on an old iphone so the quality isn't that great but it's a smashing picture.
  2. so its been a very long time since i posted some pictures. Amber is such a goof at times Amber just stood there in the river like this The elusive huskadile
  3. It is with a very heavy heart i come to say goodbye to micha. micha was 8 years old. yesterday around midday micha collapsed paralysed down one side a unable to get up and then became unconscious. we rushed her to the vets and after 3 hours it was obvious she would not wake up so we had to have her put to sleep. the vet said it was her brain, but the cause was unknown without further investigation. Micha was far much more than a pet she had a real "joie de vivre" (joy for living). we taught her hide and seek as a puppy and i think it was this that taught her to return and as she was the alpha of our small pack the others returned when off lead. her quirky personality made her an instant hit with everyone it was impossible to go for a walk without being stopped so people could stroke her, small children would hang off of her neck and she was genuinely happy for the fuss being made of her. I used to grow carrots just for her to steal from the garden. Where ever you are now micha i hope you are happy. we will always miss you. some of my favourite pictures of micha MIcha on her first day home . Destructive as a puppy we had the most snow ever the year we got micha Micha and her best friend Suki Cats aren't the only ones who like boxes Patient with my daughters when they dressed her up The look of mischief describes her personality perfectly mostly very well behaved but sometimes a little naughty just to let you know she can misbehave. My Favourite picture of micha The last picture of micha taken on my daughters birthday, my daughter had a box of chocolates
  4. We have 3 huskies that we manage to walk ok, however we will be walking another husky for a few months and boy does he pull. So we want to get a belt that will withstand 3 huskies pulling ( 2 of ours misbehave when the extra one is around). Normal belts just are not designed to withstand huskies. At this rate we will have to have a standing order for leather belts. Can anyone recommend a good one Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. 2 of mine eat them no fuss at all, but one of them is so fussy we usually have to use this type of method.
  6. davidjk

    Windows 10

    Ok so i forced mine to update (Cheers for the info Marc). First impressions, i like i think they have a balance between windows 7 and windows 8. I liked windows 8 and i am technically minded, but i can see how people would hate windows 8. it can be hard to find programs. and work your way around the system. i had to help someone who was trying to install a printer and they did not realize they had already installed it . My main gripe with previous windows was that i have a fast system with SSD drives in raid. loads of fast RAM and a decent processor and to be honest i expected my system to a lot be faster. with windows 10 it is obviously faster.
  7. davidjk

    Windows 10

    not got it yet, but i like windows 8 for the speed and the lack of slowdown. what do i mean by slowdown? well after about a month of use computers slow down as the file system fragments etc etc, but with windows 8 it hasn't done this.
  8. I guess they think that mud will keep them cool. Luckily Suki Did not join them
  9. Caught just as amber howled so her head looks weird
  10. We found some deer antlers whilst out walking. i think amber is being a bit hopeful
  11. i wish i could help you. i am in the same situation, one of my girls is scared to go out at night, but no problem in the day. if you come up with a solution i would be interested
  12. so here is micha who has been to the vets because she picked up and swallowed a whole onion out of a food waste bin. so she has been to the vets and given an injection which made her violently sick, and has a bowl of activated carbon mixed with dog food to eat (apparently it tastes like burnt toast). the other two who have already eaten think they might be missing out
  13. So Suki looks very comfortable.
  14. So just back from the vets, Micha likes to stick her nose out the window. don't worry she can't reach out any further
  15. i think i found the nicest photo of a husky and i had to share it.
  16. apparently she feels the need for cushions as well as the sofa
  17. as everyone has said, they are all different, one of mine howls when she is excited, another talks when she is annoyed or excited, and the other one hardly does a thing. occasionally she will howl in response to husky howling videos
  18. So i had so many good pictures of micha it was very difficult to choose, however this is the best one i think. Out exploring And suki who loves to do this in the snow. she just lays there and refuses to come in the house
  19. On the plus side it will strengthen their immune system, and harden their stomachs Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  20. i think the problem people have with huskies is 1 T.V. has made people think they are wolves. 2. they are full of energy and people mistakenly think they might be attacking.
  21. one of our as a pup was constantly biting, and with needle teeth it hurt. we found high pitched yelping and put her in time out for a minute, so it broke her chain of thought. it took a while but it worked in the end. also if you can exercise him i will help a lot. someone down the road from us has a husky that we take out with us once or twice a week. when we collect him he is hyper, but by the time he gets back home he is much calmer. with ours they seem to need 2 1/2 hours exercise a day and they are very well behaved
  22. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Amurleopard-Front-Leading-Harness-Large/dp/B00MTGQK7K/ref=sr_1_8?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1418121348&sr=1-8&keywords=front+leading+harness
  23. one of ours gets the zoomies, and i have noticed that if she is exercised more the zoomies become less frequent. also using a neutral voice, because if i use an happy voice that sets her off also
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