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  1. Hi all I have just gone self employed carpet and upholstery cleaning in the Wakefield area price are living room £25 bedroom £20 stairs and landing £30 full sofa suit £50 a full 3 bed house is £80 thankyou message me for bookings or find us on facebook squeaky clean Wakefield thankyou.
  2. very nice if you still have them friday i may have them depends if the wife says yes or not.
  3. hi all im wanting to put a team together for the toughmudder compatition in september and wonderd if anybody was interested its not for the faint hearted the course is desighed by special forces and is 100 times harder than a triathlon we will be looking for sponsers to help with the cost of entry and to raise money for charity as the comp isnt untill september we shud be able to rais enough for more than one sled dog charity and some for husky owners i will train with anybody willing and able to get to wakefield if you want more info on the competition you can look at there ebcite it is www.toughmudder.co.uk i warn you it is hard they even have electric shock as the last obstical which they say is 10000 volts its is a 10-12 mile course so will need a lot of training the aim isnt to win there are no prizes for first the aim is to complete and of coure ther is a pint waiting at the finish line so please pm me if interested but be sure as there is no refunds from them if we dont turn up.
  4. hi welcome i dont think i can add any more advice than what has already been given exsept if you whant to let him off lead youse tennis courts if there is some near you and we love pictures so please put some up when you can.
  5. glad to hear angel is doing well would love to see her again sometime and romel and kiki are like a couple following each other round if one is not there the other crys till they get back.
  6. hi all finaly got a working computer hope you all had a nice xmas and new year kiki has loved the snow and we have a new adition a 2 year old american akita named romel will try to add pick.
  7. have a great trip sounds like fun wish i had the funds to do it but i have too many kids would have to be a coach.
  8. im sorry but what is the world coming to, shadow is not agresive in anyway that shud be enough evidence to release him and the conditions that they are proposing to the owners are a load of crap i think the rdco shud get sued after this.
  9. welcome to the pack and nice pup hope you find the info you need this site has been a god send for me in the past.
  10. welcome to the pack and deus is stuning:P
  11. hi just an idea but dont know if it all virtual stuff cos i havent looked yet but could you buy ho car stikers and hudys and things like that or would it cost too much to do.
  12. my wife took nikita for a walk last night and gave her some off lead time she ran around like a mad dog as usual but then she ran in to a bush and would not come out just kept rolling around and when she came out guess what she had been rolling in fox crap yes fox crap and the smell is unbearable i washed and washed her but there is no getting rid of it. a pig stiy smells better.
  13. well i thought id give it a go the question is do you let yer sibs lick yer feet? and please post a reply y thankyou.
  14. typical im always too late
  15. i yous a 40ft lead and they can get tangled if you have more than one sibe but are briliant for on the beach
  16. he has gone to a good home the new owner has grown up with huskys and his parents have 2 he is going to join group to keep us updated and txt me tomoz to let me know haw his first night was.
  17. i will still be on hear and keep you updated as i still have nikita my 6 year old girl
  18. ive had dogs all my life and all breeds i used to train gsds for security but didnt have the kids then i have found a posible home with no kids and the time to work with him im going to get them to join on hear if they need any help ive exsplained everything to them so they are coming over later to meet him.
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