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  1. This; I actually agree with this totally and it's probably why you don't see huskies competing in a lot of dog sports, especially if you can get an "easier" breed to train like a BC, GSD or even Malinois. Which is sad in a way, because seeing a Sibe do obedience or agility or what have you looks pretty friggin' awesome, especially when there are so few doing it.
  2. After posting up my video of Shila off lead, a friend of mine - who has GSD's - asked me this: "Why do they do this, though? Why do they run away and don't come back? Are a GSD's high-prey drive and a Husky's high-prey drive completely apples and oranges? Is it that Huskies just don't bond that closely with their owners the way some other breeds do? Is it because the wolf heritage of the Husky is closer to the surface than it is in other breeds, and so you have a dog who retains more of those primal instincts?" So, what is the answers to these questions, in your opinion/experiences? I would also add, are Huskies the highest prey-driven dog out there and as such that's why they can't be recalled off lead? Because as she mentioned, GSD's are pretty high prey driven, and so are BC's and a lot of other breeds. I've talked about the dog trainer Susan Garrett before; its her belief that any dog of any breed can be trained to recall reliably and be allowed off lead, it's a matter of having the right training and proper importance placed on the handler/owner. I brought up the issue of Sibes and their high prey drive but there were many who said it didn't matter about the breed; reliable recall could be trained and dogs offlead could be achieved. So what do you think?
  3. Not to start an argument or anything, but I took that pic into PS and... it's a 50/50 the husky is on a lead. It could be going to the husky, OR the bully type beside him (smoky gray dog on the right facing the pic). It's hard to tell because the larger dog ahead has his ears flopping in the way. But looking close, there is a couple of pixles of blue on the bully type dog but not coming from the husky. So at best, it's debatable about the husky, unless he came right out and said the husky was on lead. That said, right now I'm working with Orion on his recall and while he seems to be getting it, I still would not trust him off lead unless in an enclosed space. He will chase flies, birds, leaves or anything else and right now he will not come back to me. I would like to get him to a point that at least if he does take off and gets out of my hands, if I call him he pauses a moment. That pause is what will probably make or break him coming back to me. It's not a totally reliable offlead thing, BUT it's a safety net just in case.
  4. Although from what I've read lately Seppalas are supposed to be better offlead than most huskies, I won't be letting mine off, at least, not together. I've taken them outside individually to potty and Shila is amazing for staying put. Orion runs off a little bit but does come back (and a quick No has turned him around) but I tried the two of them yesterday outside in the back yard and it was a disaster. They got so wrapped up in running with each other they ignored me. So, no free offleash time for them together. That said, if they ever do get to a point where they reliably come back, I may let them go in the back yard for a run off leash, but only the back yard. I like the running with vehicles, although I'm going to see if I can borrow my dad's four wheeler to run with the dogs sometime once Orion's old enough for running, just to see their top speed and how long they can sustain it.
  5. Laine


    LOL - her husband was saying I should take all three! But no, I'm not overwhelming myself with three dogs (but it was tempting. ). But yes, will be going home with 2 at least.
  6. Laine


    Well, some decisions were made and looks like things will be different going home. After talking with Tabby some, I will not be bringing Eden home. I love her and all but in the end, I don't think she would have been the dog to bring. It was not an age thing as she just turned 8, not 9. Rather it was more a "she stares at chickens like she wants them for supper" thing. Instead there was a younger, 9 month old female, black with bi-eyes, amazingly friendly who I'll be taking instead. Her name is Shila and though normally reserved with people, she came right up to me and started licking and loving., which I took as a good sign. She's small for a female, probably won't grow much more but that's fine. The puppy.... I don't know if that'll change too or not. I got here and according to Tabby, while Merc is the largest of the litter, Pluto is the more outgoing of the pups. And then last night Jupiter sooked to me so this morning when I see them again, after sleeping on it, it could be one of those three. Right now the order of choice is Pluto (who if I do take will have his name changed to Orion), Merc and Jupiter. So we'll see what today brings!
  7. Laine


    Well, I'm here! And boy, do I have decisions to make! Right now, it appears Pluto - the blue eyed male - is more outgoing. Merc is nice build and biggest of the litter and oddly tonight, Jupiter was sooking at me a lot this evening so... arg! Decisions! And then on top of that, while Eden is here, Tabby's offered me another female too; younger, just 9 months. So... I don't know which adult to take now, either! Tomorrow is going to be a big, hard day.
  8. Laine


    LMAO I don't know, but that's a great idea to add to a story sometime. @Kissu & Aara - will add you!
  9. Laine


    Hi everyone! Figured to update a little. TOMORROW I SEE PUPPIES! SO, so excited! Mercury is changing SO much in his coloring it's... well it's funny. And he's got this one ear up/one ear down phase going on. So far, all the pups are still "Available" aside from Moon and Mars - my Arizona look alike who actually is sick right now - so I'll have all the pups to choose from. Merc, if he fits, but if another fits better with me I'll take them. Tomorrow is going to be so fun and exciting and... wow. I can't wait. Pictures of the trip can be found on my facebook - if you're not a friend just let me know and I'll friend you - and once I'm back home I'll sort through them and post the best ones on here. Been a great trip so far; loving it!
  10. My story is a lot like the others; loved wolves as a kid, wanted the "next best thing". Though I grew up with a Border Collie, I always wanted a husky more than the other breeds I liked (Borders, GSD's and a few others). Was only a couple of years ago that I finally got my first husky. She was going to be raised to race but she died at 9 months or so. It's been a couple of years since she died and now I'm going to pick up her grand-nephew and an older female and can't wait!
  11. Laine


    I'm being careful, don't worry. I'm actually enjoying myself quite a bit. LOL - that's what I was thinking; after I was "Who carries CASH anymore?" Ah well. I know they've got a job to do and all but still, sometimes, it's unreal. Another thing was he asked if I'd been refused entry before. I did, like 7 years ago and I'd traveled for 5 years after that to the US without any issues but he was ready to use that one and only time against me too, I think. And the reason I was turned away was stupid and a long story. Suffice to say they had no worries, then and now, that I'd move to the US, or come illegally or whatever. Most likely; damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  12. Laine


    Thanks guys. After getting some sleep - the first of the night I don't think I moved - I'm rested. It's raining here in PA but that's fine, means the sun won't be out for driving. It was really, really warm driving with the sun yesterday. I'll upload pictures later today - maybe video; maybe - so Nix can get her pic fix. (and everyone else, too) So, the trip almost didn't happen. I left in good time, figuring I'd be an hour at the border. I get to the border and the officer asks where I'm going and for how long, the usual questions. I tell them I'm heading to Wyoming on vacation. They ask how long I plan to be in the US, I say 10 days. I get attitude. I tried to be my usual polite self, explained I was staying with friends along the way but apparently the fact I was alone, going to Wyoming and coming back so "fast" was suspicious enough they pulled me over. That's fine, they pulled over the people behind me, too. Now I didn't tell them I'm getting dogs - although I did tell them when they asked what I'd be doing there that I was going to talk sleddogs - because from previous experience, just because I hope, hope, hope to get Eden and Merc, sometimes it doesn't turn out that way. In any case I meet an officer inside. I'm truthful, openly admit to my "sharp" things - except my sharps for my glucometer - and without telling them EVERYTHING, I tell them enough and answer direct questions after. Even then, apparently, I needed money in hand - real money - to "prove I've a job and am not coming to the US to work". In the end, the officer gave me the benefit of the doubt and let me go. But he said "next time come better prepared". I said "Sure, any help with what, specifically, I should be on the look out for?" He then tells me "Well that's up to you." I'm like... um... I was ASKING him because some hint would'a been nice. He said "What'd I ask you about just now." So I told him and he said "Start with that." And his excuse for not telling me specifically what's needed? "There's no saying that later you won't try to come back with exactly everything and tell another officer I told you what to do and you should be let go." Confused logic but whatever. I know their job is to be jerks, I know their job is hard and stressful. I was pleasant though, and tried to keep so even though I was afraid I'd be turned back. He almost sent me back to get real money - I am doing this trip by credit card totally, no cash except for tolls on me at all - and the look he gave me when I said "I don't believe in checks" was priceless! I don't though. I hate checks; I get in enough trouble with my debit and credit card as it is, I don't need checks! But! I'm here now and leaving this morning for WV to have dinner with a friend before pushing on to KY. So, expect pictures sometime today at least. Some might be blurry - took them in the moving car - and I'm not sure you can really tell the difference between states but I'll try to remember where each was done. That's the trip so far.
  13. Laine


    Alive. And in the US, although it almost didn't happen. I'll explain later though; exhausted tonight and ahead of schedule a little at least right now. Tomorrow it'll lag though but that's okay. Just to let you all know things are good and I'm on my way. Will keep you posted.
  14. Laine


    I don't take pictures; I'm horrible. But when I go away that might change so if it does, will post. Maybe.
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