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  1. Long time no see. Hope Bella is doing well :)

  2. Lol.... I wanted a rotti so I could have a big scary dog to protect me when I was out walking them and stuff..... My OH wanted a Malamute.... I started researching Malamute found the huskys then after looking through a few adds we found one only an hour from us so went to look...Fell in LOVE with miss bella straight away paided our depoist and then went home 2 weeks later went and picked her up <3 Now she is 1 year old and a beautiful girl! ~It's Bellas Birthday today!!! My baby is now 1 year old!!~
  3. lol sorry @James forgot hmmm your huskyyyyyy standing on two legs =D
  4. i win n theres no wai ima stop =p lol should put a count down on this and at end of count down lock it so we get a winner =D
  5. Only in enclosed areas we have trouble getting her to come back in our backyard so Bella will never be allowed offlead in somewere she can enscape from
  6. awesome color and great pics <3
  7. lol a all done up and out on the town photo and a chillaxing at home with bella photo me n bella
  8. <3Jess<3


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