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  1. Oh you have? haha! Small world
  2. Hi, Elisa. I to have a 4 month old pup! He's a brilliant a beautiful dog. As far as aggression goes, he has non, "The most aggressive he gets is when he's play fighting with our Collie" I agree with Tania, you shouldn't hit you pup, no matter what the circumstances. When Hero doesn't listen to me or try's to be "The man of the yard" All I do is gently but firmly put my hand over his muzzle, in a firm voice say "No" or "Stop" Remember consistency is the key when training.
  3. Wow! Lots of people near me
  4. They really aren't! I'm really going to enjoy training him. Do you know where abouts in Oxford you have the meets? I'm looking to friendly community, where I can get to know the owners and their dogs . I think I've found it! Storm is a beauty! How tall does she stand atm? Thanks for the warm welcome!
  5. Thanks for the warm welcomes! He is a cutie isn't he I must say though, your dogs are gorgeous!
  6. Hi all! Few basics, my name is Ben, call me what you like though. I'm a new Sibe owner, not a stranger to dogs at all... I have a 4 month old Sibe/Mal x called Hero. He's a little so n' so, love him nonetheless though. Ask what you wish, I shall answer [ATTACH]8636.IPB[/ATTACH]
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