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  1. Cathy


    LOL! Cute picture of both mum and dog with big grins!
  2. Cathy


    To quote an old Friends episode: "Hey, buddy. This is a family place. Put the mouse back in the house!"
  3. Cathy


    Me and Dakota taking a water break while hiking. This was taken a few weeks after I adopted him -- he was a crazy fool back then.
  4. Great pictures -- that beach is gorgeous (and I'm with Sarah -- not as gorgeous as your dogs)! What a great place to take them!
  5. My dogs are jealous of David's dogs! (Great pics as always, David, keep them coming!!)
  6. Amanda, your girl is just stunning!
  7. Awwww -- I'm glad you posted that, Sarah -- I was going to specify "someone other than your immediate family" but figured that was too picky. You captured what I was after!
  8. Well, seeing as how there were no takers on the TV one, I did a screen capture from a video of Dakota watching and talking to TV wolves: Now let me see your sibe sitting on someone's lap!
  9. We had another rare snow event here, so I made sure that the boys got out to see it! Here's the crazy lady (me) with the dogs: Here's the old man enjoying the snow: And last but not least, the pup:
  10. Here's a 'kota ball: How about a picture of your husky sticking out his/her tongue!
  11. Oh, wow, Sandy, that picture with your neighbor is priceless. Here's Dakota in the air: Now let me see a picture of your sibe sitting up in the front seat of the car.
  12. Dakota on the way to the park with buddies Ginger and Chica: Dakota at the park:
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