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    A creature of change marked by the sign of the fish (pisces) I am not exactly your average girl. I'm actually pretty quiet in real life and on the weird side. I like a lot of things that aren't main stream. I absolutely love dogs and have 3. Kuma the Siberian Husky, Koopa the American Pit Bull Terrier, and Tenchi the Pekingese. I also have 4 kitties, 2 rats, and some fish.
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    writing, drawing, photography, animals, dogs, anime, the paranormal, divination, tarot, odd things

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  1. Wow can't believe I spelled college with an "a" haha you can tell it was early in the morning when I posted that. Well early for a night owl anyways, my brain isn't working with lack of sleep :lolman:

  2. "Collage" algebra - is that where you take all your papers and pretend that the "A" on top is what they all represent??? I ain't even bin to college and I no how to spill it! << tease >>

  3. Thanks for the graffiti ;) Figured I'd leave ya some in return :3

  4. thought i'd graffiti your wall :P

  5. thanks for the little comment LOL here's another comment in return XD

  6. Hey there just dropping by to leave you a little comment :D

  7. I've noticed from time to time Kuma will chatter his teeth when sniffing. This usually happens with new dogs and sometimes new people or things. He did this a lot when we first introduced him to Tenchi and still does from time to time. I've never really had a dog do this before. Just wondering is it a dog thing, a husky thing, or something else?
  8. I found it through google when I was looking up information about huskies' ears lol though the site seemed neat and decided to join
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