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  1. It's like it's snowing when i use mine on the boys when they're blowing their coats lol neighbours must love me!
  2. Sarah

    What is this dog

    wow - can you imagine the size of the poop bags you'd need to carry on a walk! :O
  3. Hi Clare It's something Marc is working on at the moment - he is getting all the data prepared and then he will have to move everything across to a new server that will be a lot quicker x
  4. aww sounds like he's settled really well! :)
  5. Sarah


    only just!!! He said they smelled really good
  6. I brush mine probably once a week, but when they are blowing their coats - every day! * sighs * Brushing helps bonding and also helps to condition the skin :)
  7. that sounds very familiar lol Are they still getting on ok?x
  8. Oh how adorable!!!!! How is she getting on - eating and playing ok? xx
  9. Has anyone started to put theirs up yet? I've seen a few driving around today where people have their tree up
  10. Sarah


    Bought the boys a bone each from Pets At Home - this was koda's being nibbled on by hubby's cousin. It's HUGE! kept Koda quiet for about an hour lol
  11. Sarah


    shh don't tell him that LMAO
  12. Sarah

    Another award!!

    xmas is going to be a draw back but will be back on the band wagon straight after :D
  13. Sarah

    Made the paper

    Me too - am hoping this will be the last time now - i've never lost so much before so am even more determined to stick to it although I can't walk all 3 dogs by myself now so that's an issue lol
  14. Hi and welcome to the pack. poor Ciba, at least he is resting and not over exerting himself . I hope all goes well at the specialists x
  15. Sarah

    Made the paper

    Made the local paper this weekend
  16. Sarah

    A windy warning.

    Luckily mine have stayed put thank goodness as hubby has pulled his back so i'd have to put the panels back again lol
  17. I hope you're paying that lad well! Lol
  18. Oh Jos i'm so so sorry for both you and Ruth. Please send her our love. I only got to meet them once but they were so adorable. Here's the pictures I have of them both from our visit last year in case you want them although i'm sure you've got a lot!! RIP Glala xxx
  19. Aww I'm so sorry RIP Rex xxx
  20. awwww he's so cute! Congrats :D
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