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  1. can only echo what Marc said - when we got Kimba our first pup he cried the first few nights and it was so hard not to go down to him, but he settled eventually. You're doing great though
  2. Best of luck for Tuesday, sounds like you've got a good vet xx
  3. That's fantastic!!!!! Just watched a bit of the vid on mute as my 3 are sleeping and you know all hell will break loose lol They really shoot off at the start don't they!
  4. Sarah

    Pie Face

    So being the nice sister that I am - I've bought my brother one of these games for Xmas - Can't wait!!!! You spin a dial and it tells you how many turns of the handle you have to do. If you don't get the hand hitting you in the face that's loaded with a sponge or cream etc then you pass to the next player ...... I will upload vids and pics on xmas day don't worry
  5. It doesn't get cold enough in the UK for specific supplies, but in winter I always check the pads and paws to make sure the salt and grit spread on the roads hasn't done any damage
  6. Wow sounds like everything is going so well!! Really pleased for you Give him experiences as much as possible - loud noises etc, desensitize him to things he may be scared of that way you lessen any problems later on
  7. aww fab Keep it over there though i'm not ready for snow just yet I need more jumpers lol
  8. Sarah


    Kimba had a snuggle tonight, so I tried to get a selfie of him - just as I clicked the button SLURRRRP
  9. Oh how exciting!! Welcome to the pack Tips erm - get a lot of sleep before your new bundle of energy arrives lol - decide as a family what rules you want to stick to - eg no dogs on sofa etc. Oh buy some patience ...... bags of it lol ps - take loads of pics
  10. I bet they're loving it! We still have a lot of rain here
  11. Sarah


    You can have mine if we get any
  12. Sarah


    Oh Simka! I hope you're not making too much of a mess lol
  13. Sarah

    Server speed

    Should be like windows 10 now windows 8 come on! LOL
  14. Oh that's a great shot! Such an intense stare
  15. ohhhhhh I'm going to have to try this out :D
  16. I love the pics! He is so photogenic - hope you have a spare hard drive or 2 to store all the photos lol
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