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  1. mine is ready to post - just need to get my backside to a post office lol
  2. Sarah

    Where do you sit?

    on the sofa with my lap top on a table so i can rotate the dogs for cuddles at night lol
  3. love all my stuff - walking belt easily takes all 3 of my huskies
  4. Do you get your dogs one? They've all got one of these lol
  5. it was quite clear, when i used kitchen roll to mop it up it wasn't coloured. I've checked him and can't see any discharge or swelling / redness etc
  6. Has anyone any experience with this? Recently I've noticed when kimba gets up from curling up on the sofa he leaves a wet patch behind and then cleans himself. He is 8 in April next year and is neutered so am guessing the reduction in hormones along with his age is the cause but I will be going to the vets next week. This is the dribble he just left on the sofa Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk Oh god i really shouldn't google things!! Incontinence in a male dog can be a serious medical condition; it can signify the beginning of a serious disease such as cancer. Consequently it is essential to recognize and react to the symptoms of male dog incontinence as soon as they arise. Causes of Male Incontinence Male dog incontinence can be caused by stress, blockages, infection, excessive thirst, spinal cord injuries or a weakened bladder. In certain cases it can be a sign of prostate disease or cancer. If your dog is suffering from incontinence, no matter how serious, it is always a good idea to take him to a vet. Elderly canines usually suffer from incontinence when their hormone levels drop; younger canines often suffer incontinence soon after they are neutered. While the condition affects all breeds of dogs, certain breeds are more prone to developing incontinence than others. These include Siberian huskies, Welsh corgis, miniature Poodles, wire-haired fox terriers, Labrador retrievers and West Highland white terriers.
  7. Sarah


    It's horrible when they get them, good luck x
  8. i need to go there lol
  9. I love it!! lol Lady C needs taking down a peg or two though she thinks she is better than everyone else and she isn't - she needs putting in her place I want Tony Hadley to win - have a bit of a secret crush on him lol
  10. Sarah


    Hoover EVERYWHERE lol they get under the sofa cushions, carpets, curtains you name it - bedding as well - put it on a hot wash and that will kill the eggs too Was she wormed recently? in the last 3 months? if not get a tablet from the vet as fleas can give them worms too x
  11. awwww I love the pic of them at the tree! How did you get them to sit still???? lol
  12. Sarah

    And yes ...

    Finally!! It's been a loooong week
  13. Sarah

    Pie Face

    I might bring this to camp Lol
  14. Sarah

    Pie Face

    looks like it - it's sold out in all the local argos stores near me so got oneon ebay for £10 more than i would have from argos lol oh well will be worth it
  15. Ohh Happy Birthday Tina!! Hope you're having a great day xxx
  16. Cough cough - aghem .... Pictures??????????????????
  17. He should have been wormed before you picked him up - they have their first vaccine at 8 weeks and then at around 11 or 12 x
  18. she looks VERY comfy! Lol
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