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  1. My sister in law tagged me in Facebook from this picture - Yes, this is something i'd do Would you?? lol
  2. Oh my gosh i missed your birthday!! Really sorry Hope you had a great day hun ! 30's not that bad - am almost half way through now and my 30's have been way better than my 20's
  3. aww bless him He is walking better than i thought he'd be able to though Justin. Poor guy must be confusing for them as they don't understand why their leg is suddenly cold - needs some PJ's for xmas
  4. Sarah

    The pillow

    awww that's so cute!!
  5. Sarah

    Star Wars cups.

    Oh they look good!
  6. Sarah

    Treated myself.

    We will need a photo every few days to prove it's alive lol
  7. Sarah

    Treated myself.

    Oh that's lovely! How long do they last for? hang on wait this is me - it'll last 3 weeks then i'll kill it I can care for animals and kids at a push but give me a plant and i can guarantee it'll die lol
  8. I love this - I think Koda would steal them though
  9. Mine Arrived today!!! I wanna peek lol
  10. Aww I'm so sorry RIP Benson xx
  11. awwww poor lad he looks so sad bless him He will feel the cold more on his leg for a while but he should get some growth back there soon I would think. Chin up Ciba - make sure you play the sympathy card often for extra snuggles
  12. Sarah


    Mine are bathed just before xmas each year and that's it When they're shedding i just brush brush brush lol
  13. I'm sure he is letting everyone know by now that he is awake! Sounds like he is being well cared for. Get better soon Ciba xx
  14. Oh Elyse I think you will know when it's time. Quality of life has to be there, when it isn't it's our job as responsible owners to ensure they don't suffer just for our sake. I can't imagine how hard this is for you i'm so sad for the hard decisions you're going to have to face but I know you will do what's right for him. Thinking of you xxx
  15. Awww happy fluffy birthday
  16. £5 each!!!!! Not surprised - these pets at home ones were £2 so wasn't too bad - wouldn't have got them if they were £5 each lol
  17. His brother's mum just tagged me in this on Facebook - Kaiser on the right and his brother diezel on the left
  18. Awwww, my puppy turned 7 today - SEVEN!!!! That's flown by! Happy birthday ratbag
  19. oh my gosh she's growing so quick!!! She is so beautiful
  20. yeah i was thinking that afterwards. It doesn't happen every day and i've not seen anything today from when he's been laid down or in his bed - am keeping an eye on it so can i can see if there's a pattern
  21. Sarah


    Oh you were lucky! The wind has died down for now but supposed to be coming back again soon
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