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  1. Oh wow! It's like a ball of fur blowing around in the wind - but it's got eyes
  2. Sarah

    New Keyboard

    haha thought you might
  3. What do you think?????
  4. I've got patches on - and just don't want one, it's weird, i didn't think it'd work for me but it has
  5. Sarah

    My pack

    Oh my gosh look at the last pic!!! Tell me you photoshopped the hats on or am going to sulk LOL
  6. Sarah

    Where do you sit?

    Don't even contemplate it!
  7. Sarah

    Lost Crown

    Dream on - that's MY Crown princess
  8. Sarah

    Where do you sit?

    how many screens do you need for goodness sake
  9. Sarah

    Lost Crown

    Last night my Crown came off! Not the one on my head - that's still there No, this was the one on my tooth!!! I managed to get an emergency appointment today (phew) and they put 3 pins into my tooth and fixed the crown back into place - £18.80 oh bargain I thought - got back to the car and got a god dam parking ticket!!!!!
  10. I had to work from home today - look at Koda - he just made me sleepy just watching him
  11. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee tell me that's photo shopped
  12. hmmm I've bought a new book ......
  13. Why thank you I'm 7 days and 22 hours without having a cigarette and doing great! Might put a couple of lbs back on but I can loose them again
  14. Have you caught up now on what Fern had to do!!!!
  15. Ed!!! Happy Birthdayyyyyyyy x
  16. Walking belt lol Welcome back!! You'll LOVE husky camp - just don't break or tear anything else between now and May!
  17. Got to have power for the beer fridge!! Plus there are 2 fields - 1 for elec hook up, one without - we're all on the one with hook up so - hmmmm you may want peace and quiet or you may want insane husky owners
  18. I kept my boys in a crate when i brought them home - just make sure you wake him every few hours so he can go to the toilet
  19. Sarah

    New Patch

    oh i love that!
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