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Status Updates posted by Sarah

  1. New Stuff coming soon.........Watch this space :)

    1. mydiamond


      which space? D:

    2. Sarah


      This one lol Sidebar ;)

  2. Could really get used to being a house wife! have loved spending time with my boys - back to work tomorrow though :(

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sarah


      erm - no lol

    3. Sarah


      We don't eat until 7 ish

    4. Husky-gunner


      thats handy hes back just in time to make your tea lol

  3. 33 years young today and what do i get for my birthday ...... Toothache :(

    1. Husky-gunner


      vodkas the cure lol

    2. Emma


      Ouch. Rubbish present. :(

    3. winterchillz


      33?! I thought you're turning 21!

  4. The forum lost a great man today, RIP D, you left a void no one can fill, we miss you now and always will xxx

    1. Val (Zebedee)

      Val (Zebedee)

      Thank you Saz, and for coming over to see me after it happened - sorry I called you while you were on the platform, but I couldn't let you read it in cyberspace, there are a few who needed to be told personally, xxx

    2. Sarah


      That's what friends are for, just wish i could do more, love you both so much xxxx

  5. Happy 5th Birthday Husky-Owners.com!

  6. One more sleep until camp!!!!

  7. 3 more sleeps until camp!!!

  8. Single figures until camp!!!!!

  9. Really needs to learn how to use a laptop lol

  10. Happy Birthday xx

  11. Has 3 tired huskies :D

    1. BlueWolf


      This should be in the news, not just in a status update. lol

    2. Sarah


      you're so pushy!!! ok ok leave it with me :P xx

  12. Looking forward to the weekend!!

    1. Marc
    2. Dunc


      Why whats happening ?

    3. Marc


      Lack of work LOL

  13. Happy Birthday xxxxx

  14. lol it's ok i don't think i was very clear :) x

  15. Happy Birthday!!!! xxxxx

  16. don't look at me - make stan do it lol :D

  17. it was already dirty! :P

  18. Sarah

    thought i'd graffiti your wall :P

  19. thought i'd graffiti your wall :P

  20. thought i'd graffiti your wall :P

  21. thought i'd graffiti your wall :P

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