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  1. We had horrendous floods on Boxing day - thankfully our home wasn't affected as we're at the top of a hill at the start of the moors but i have friends that have been badly affected People were without electric or water for 2 days and another storm is on it's way for tomorrow Hope everyone stays safe x
  2. well said Liv This place has never and will never be a place where anyone should feel judged and the staff make sure everyone is treated equally and with respect
  3. Mine don't bother too much - Kimba always like to be on the inside of the pavement (sidewalk) closer to things to sniff and pee on i'd imagine
  4. Sarah

    new phone

    You know that's prob something i'd never have thought of - good idea!!x
  5. Heya!!!! Welcome home I can't belive you were 14 when you joined and are almost 20 good god i feel old!!! lol
  6. Thank you to my secret santa!! Sorry i'm so late putting this up... The boys got salmon chews and i got a lovely candle holder that matches my bathroom perfectly!
  7. Sarah

    Royal Huskies

    oh wow! Thanks Jos
  8. Sarah

    Treated myself.

    Is it still alive????
  9. Sarah


    I've used the dry shampoo a few times if they've got a bit smelly - the one i've got pumps out like a foam, it doesn't get muck out as such unless you put a LOT on but helps keep them fresh
  10. Sarah

    Royal Huskies

    Oh never knew they had huskies! The one in the middle looks like Koda lol
  11. I do what Emma has suggested - I leave their food down, if they've not eaten it in 10 mins i remove it and they won't get anything else until their next meal time. Sometimes they won't eat if they're too warm or poorly but if they're being stubborn then they're just showing their husky side
  12. oh wow he's gorgeous!!!! can't wait to see pics as he gets bigger
  13. Yup all sorted - everything bought and wrapped and having xmas day + a few more days at my parents in Wales - hubby's parents are coming too so will be a busy xmas can't wait to play games and stuff my face
  14. aww they're lovely! Sadly wont fit me Are they Imperial Candles that you've got? I got my mum one for her birthday and they're great x
  15. Mine's been sent this week
  16. Now if we can just get Marc to get our xmas tree down from the loft it may look like xmas in our house as well as on the forum lol!!!
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