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  1. Haven't been on for a while so thought I'd pop up one with my latest foster, Drexel, out in the snow the other day
  2. @Andy, I found it via another forum so go for it Credit to TOTTSHR (Sorry had to edit link is not allowed) Heartbreaking story really, that's why I posted it. If it makes just one person think! My dogs are fine, as I said, I used to let Mishka off when she was younger, not any more, her prey drive kicked in, that was the end of that lol
  3. Not my story lol. I used to let Mishka off when she was younger but not any more. My dogs are fine This is a story I found on another forum, heartbreaking
  4. I have to say, I'm constantly reading on Facebook about people who let their huskies offlead in woods etc. I used to let my own girl off when she was younger, brought up with 2 collies, excellent recall, then her prey drive kicked in, not now! For anyone contemplating it, against all breed advice, take a read Edited to add, this is NOT about my dog, I found the article & just sharing http://www.siberescue.com/Common/Leash/leashTRUST.html "Trust is a disease: There is a deadly disease stalking your dog, a hideous, stealthy thing just waiting its chance to steal your beloved fri
  5. Me & my pack, left to right, are: Kira, Mishka (huskies), Deiffen, Tango (collies) Me & my current foster Luka (who's currently looking for a forever home)
  6. The gruesome twosome lol
  7. A couple more of me, again with foster dogs. only time I'll have my pic taken is with my dogs or fosters Diesel (foster) Blue (foster) Kira - Husky (mine), Deiffen - Collie (mine) & Diesel
  8. Me saying goodbye to my foster dog yesterday 1/2/14. Drove 700mile round trip to make sure he was settled in
  9. Posted this for you here: http://www.husky-owners.com/forum/showthread.php/44742-weight-of-dog?p=695971#post695971
  10. Hi Neola, glad you made it over here . Hope to see you on a meet or while we're out walking again, Kahn is certainly a gorgeous boy
  11. Me taken 28.8.11 at a Shire horse show. The Burmese decided it liked me
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