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  1. ...Why dont they just share the hedge..
  2. kodi an tolka are loving raw lamb at the moment,chicken carcass,chicken wings,trotters,an beef rib an marrowbone,she has the ocean fish jwb for brekfast,kodi wont touch dry food,also have flaxseed oil and alfalfa tablet few times a week. kodi would live off those hedgehog chewy things {antos} if he could! they also have raw eggs twice a week
  3. kodiplod


    remember T.F.I.Friday,with chris evans? me and my friend done the whole faith no more tour and they were on this show at the end of the tour, i remember nearly being run over by a cameraman and falling onto the stage when they were singing.....those were the days..1997:eek:
  4. kodi who is 12 had a fit in december,very scary,torchwood ,he has not had another one,he was put on meds but they had horrible side effects so took him off them,he just suddenly ran into the room,into the wall and fell down an had a fit,lasted a few mins,vet said its worse for us than it is for them,when he came round again i think he was blind for about 30 seconds as well,ive since found out thats quite common, he hasnt been left on his own since..just in case,hope sabre s doin ok now.
  5. I would love to live in a cold place where it gets dark very early all year,i hate the summer!
  6. shocking news,just brings home the fact were all getting older .. some aquaintence[?] of the jackson family was talking on the news this morning and said.."I knew one day he would wake up dead..." :eek:
  7. kodiplod

    Organ Doner?

    ive had a humane research donor card in my purse for the last 15 years , mind you, if someone took some of my bits it probably would kill them off..
  8. We are going for an early beach walk an paddle,buying cakes and watching people at glastonbury get wet on the telly...
  9. kodiplod


    try a really long low howl... kodi has always howled when the phone rings and continues to do it all the while you talk on the phone, and tolka howls at the ice cream van now:p wanting me to go get her a 99 with a flake,no doubt..
  10. kodiplod


    Does any one here howl!? spent some time with shawn ellis and his wolves and learnt all about it, i now howl to get my dogs if they go off in the woods or beach,theres a lady at the beach who heard me howling one day and she now howls to get her naughty whippets back!..she was well impressed.. also the most amazing thing is when they howl back,especially the wolves,we were out late one night and stopped off for a midnight howl with them:D the house prices have gone up around shawns because u can hear the howling...actually that may have been a lie,but how great would it be to hear that every day:D also because the wolf is an umbrella species,meaning it encourages everything else to bloom,so to speak,the sheep farmer near to where the wolf park is,his sheep have been having a lot of twins since the wolves appeared cos they know theres predators about so they need to up there numbers..Im rambling now....
  11. good site,gonna place an order soon
  12. Thats the reason im not going this year,mum ussually has the dogs but i dont really want to leave my old one for that long:D
  13. all mine are on my arms and shoulders,only hurt when he started them then its fine..and i hate needles:eek:just beware they are very addictive.. my friend has his dogs front paws on his feet..looks amazing but think that hurt a bit..
  14. frontline has never worked on ticks for my lot,if we go to the woods they have a de ticking when they get back,by that i mean lay on there backs with there arms an legs in the air so i can pick em off:eek: any that do attatch themselves,i have a wonderful plastic green thing that u hook the tick,twist it and comes out with head,its fantas-tick :icon6:
  15. kodiplod


    Anyone going..? Its the first time I havent gone for a few years,everyone :ran_mad:should be leaving for it about now and Im a bit sad that Im not!
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