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  1. Hi All I have a 6 month old male pup that we have had from 9 weeks old. Over the last few weeks he has started to act aggressive with my wife and today with the mother in law. He will growl and snap when he is put in his crate. He is told crate and freely walks in but when the door is being closed he will growl and snap through the crate door. Today the mother in law came round and he was fine with her, when she when to go put some rubbish in the bin he growled and then went to bite her this happened outside in the garden. This is my third Siberian and i have never experienced this with Milo (male passed away 18 months ago) and Akira (my 9 year old intact female) The only thing that has changed is the flea and tick treatment from Advocate to Simparica at the advise of the vets due to ticks where we live in the countryside. He does not do anything like this to me Any help would be gladly appreciated
  2. Bec sent you a pm thank you
  3. Bec What behaviourist do you work for as i would like to ask a question off forum
  4. To be perfectly honest i cant remember lol Im glad i did tho
  5. Dazzlin


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