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  1. So it's not a completely mad idea then!!.... Phew (is this where I admit it might have been me and not the wife who melted when I saw her? *ahem* did I just say that out loud?) One thing I forgot to mention was she hasn't been spayed, so I assume that will also affect temperament. Although we might be too late, website has changed so perhaps someone else beat us to her... Have to wait until morning to call now...... Damn having to work!!!! Grrrrrrrr
  2. Well I thought I'd better start in here seeing as I've not been in for a while!! Bit of a return and a quandary... We have had Kii now for 5 mad years and all has been ok apart from last year where illness and work meant that Kii wasn't getting the long walks he needed but for some daft reason coped amazingly well with! So new year new start getting fitness back and enjoying long walks again, still trying to find the elusive parks in Salford with enclosed tennis courts! So the quandary.... We got word that there was another husky in need of a home recently, a 2 yr old stray female and I'm wondering whether one We're daft enough to take on another, now my daughters are older they cope with walking Kii so that's a help but two how would a possible dominant female react with the only dog in the house? Or am I opening the family up to a world of pain and should let someone else hopefully take her on? Rob
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