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    Diesel and Mia
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  5. They didn't quite make it to Australia :ran_biggrin:
  6. few more pics of the guys having fun running free in the field up the road. And fun on the beach Little icey in robin hood bay
  7. kavik conquering Hadrians wall when we were on holiday And mishka in yorkshire enjoying the streams Mishka in snowdonia
  8. rose

    9 days old

    Gorgeous pups kirsty.
  9. Jo that sounds like my mishka, think she would love to just laze around on sofa than go out for a run but once out there shes fine & ready to go. Sleeps alot when @ home though. Kavik is the opposite he loves to run & run in harness, wants to go forever.
  10. I run my 2 sibes with the bike to burn off alot of their excess energy, theyu get walked alot too & have a free run in a fenced field too, so lucky babies they are.
  11. Hi i am rose, i live in the uk , have had siberians for around 17 years, had my 1st sibe in 1992. At present i have 2 huskies & 1 elderly border collie. Here are a few pics to introduce them. ICEY--13yrs & 10 months mishka & kavik kavik is the black / white sibe --2 yrs old almost & mishka the pale sibe is 4 yrs old.
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