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  5. start off at a short distance and leave him wanting more, increase the distance slowly , it is great fun we bikejor and use the rig, feel safer on rig or bike, tried a scooter but didnt really like it. Have fun xxxxxx. Once he gets to know the turn commands if he dosent like pulling have someone on a bike or running at a distance ahead for him to chase after.
  6. Diesel usually meets his dad at dog shows , they have a good play
  7. what i was thinking xx
  8. skye was the one i was thinking about when you mentioned getting possibly a mal as they can be quite dominant, didn't want you experiencing any problems, you may be best to go visit a good malamute breeder, i know barbara stanier breeds good temprement mals, (affix is Arctictrek), shes in norfolk. xx
  9. we have done 4.15 miles in 29 mins with 2 dogs.
  10. our 4 are starting to moult now too, possibly because of the odd weather we have had as not been that cold lately.
  11. one of our dogs has this on his hock but the fur has come off, we put padding on the area and bandage it , also put sudocrem on it, the padding protects the area from any further pressure when he lays on hard floors.
  12. I haven't heard of snow noses being a problem in the show ring , my boy has a snow nose now , i dont think judges take it into concideration when judging the dog .
  13. At his last open show he won the junior class, best puppy in breed and working puppy group 4. our next show is on 23rd december. with his dad, diesel is on the right After a bike run with his mates kavik, sisko
  14. rose

    my boys

    yes claire you know how loud he can be, lol
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