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  1. Fan, ice cubes, a good hose down.....yet still they will lie in front of the patio doors, the only sunny spot of the kitchen! I have sunbathing huskies! Weirdos!
  2. Oh dear, that shouldnt be funny....but it soooo is!
  3. Lol! I'm sure it will happen to me again. Maybe I should do it on purpose....you've been framed! Extra £250 into the wedding fund haha!
  4. Well I am pretty sure a huge group of golfers witnessed the whole event. So if it pops up on YouTube, let me know! Haha!
  5. Awful news! There are some really awful people in the world.
  6. No changes to either of ours! Both as insane as ever. Though Teeko doesn't hump his toys quite as often.
  7. We pay for the simple reason that, knowing my luck, if something bad were to happen before the savings had built up we certainly wouldn't have the funds to cover it. We had only had Keeta 2 months before we had to access her insurance!
  8. I have a story to make you chuckle. On saturday, In my infinite wisdom i went on the beach for 2 hours with the pups on the long leads. Now that was comedy in itself! Got tangled repeatedly, span around like a maypole, and to top it off I decided to play in the sea. Turned my back for a second and all 3 of us got wiped out by an enormous wave! Well Keeta, the delicate princess, flipped and tangled my feet in her lead so I couldn't actually rush out but instead had to do a stupid mini walk with my legs tied together so we got wiped out a few more times by more enormous waves! I got soaked all the way to my bot! Funny as owt! I don't think I laughed so much in ages! If only I had the smileys on Tapatalk, I know there is one that is juuuuust perfect!
  9. When there's something strange, in the neighbourhood, who ya gonna call....?
  10. I work in a school and staff pay tea money each month of £6 and I have to pay £4 a month for the privilege of the water that I rarely use coz I go home at lunchtimes. It's just one of those things. Apparently common place in schools at least.
  11. The sun are really scraping the barrel! Next it'll be killer goldfish trying to drown their owners!
  12. Not gonna lie....it made me chuckle! What a brave little kid! Totally unfazed! Besides, zoo enclosure undergo some pretty rigorous testing. All were safe.
  13. Wooo! We love our photoshoot pics! My gorgeous duo hehe
  14. Reading the update there is just something not quite right ...why take a 3 year old to bed and leave a 2 moth old in a swing?? If this really is an accident it is likely the baby was distressed and the dog was tryin to take it to safety, not understanding it's position in the swing and pulled until the child tore. It's just awful! But something does not sit right, I hope the dogs are kept alive until the matte has been thoroughly investigated at least.
  15. So not 100% convinced it isn't a cover up for murder. The woman actually chuckled when she suggested puttin the leg in the freezer and spent the first 2 or 3 minutes of the Call explaining where she had been before even saying what was wrong with the baby
  16. Mild heart murmurs are relatively common in pups..as long as they are mild. I would maybe consider having your own vet check this if I were you and this could have implications for your insurance. The breeder should have informed you before purchase. Not trying to be a scare monger but we almost bought a pup with a murmur but after looking deeper into it we decided that we had to back out, losing s £100 deposit in the process. That said...according to the doc, I have heart murmur that only presents when I am poorly.
  17. We actually picked a friday so we had the weekend with her and then we both had work so she was crated when we were out . We actually went out more than usual and if we were in the house she would have her cone and lead on and Teeko his lead, but if we were busy she went into the crate. She had the bigger crate so she could go in with her cone and we would give her a treat while she was in there. Once or twice she made a little fuss but leaving the cone on helped as she couldn't leap around like an idiot. Teeko had to be on his lead a lot more but we gave him extra walks to make up for not having Keeta to play with and that helped keep him relaxed too. It is a little awkward but for us it really was worth it, she was healed and back to her normal self well within the recommended 10 days. Having her on a lead will help too as they can experience some bladder weakness for a few days after the op which may result in accidents (it is just a result of the sore muscles making it harder to hang on for a wee). I am sure she will do just fine and you'll be surprised at how much your other one figures out about how she is feeling. The first couple of days all Teeko did was sniff he and try to clean her wound ( another reason he had to be on lead lol). He seemed to know she was sore.
  18. Keeta was given pains meds to take home just incase but she didn't need them. Her woun was teeny, she didn't cry once and showed very few signs of discomfort. We did crate her most of the time because of Teeko wanting to play (tho the cone helped because it put him off) and she healed up really quickly as a result of such a reduction of movement.
  19. Things happen and I am sure everyone has accidents. My OH has had only the one accident at 15mph on a wet roundabout. I actually think he is a good rider and I feel much safer with him on the bike than in the car! But still, he came off and he has dropped his bike twice. Only you can know if you are taking the corners too fast but I guessing from your reaction to your friend that you are perfectly confident in your own abilities. Big smiles!
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