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  1. my story is quite the same.. i got my first husky from a breeder who only cared about the money... but anyway, i bought the puppy because it was suffering from demodectic mange. the owner didn't know about that and doesn't seem to care.. but i noticed it as soon as i saw the bald spot at his eye region. glad to know it was still treatable and was just a local type of demodecosis. i got him to the vet and continued a series of treatments. he was given an ivermectin shot and it worked out well.. so now, my Zeus is fine and is as fun as he can be! all i want to do now is to have another sibe to be his companion.
  2. i kinda searched some problems regarding my husky... and voila! i saw ur forum and tbh, your opinions are informative.. they do help.. A LOT!
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