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  1. They are, I don't know what I'd do with out my hole diggers, howlers and snuggle bums. I love all of them, would never be with out them!
  2. It can be really hard to get a place with pets. Keep looking you'll find somewhere
  3. We'll see... lol. Ops Aya was 5 months when we got her not 6!
  4. I had trouble finding somewhere to live. But my landlord is amazing. I'd not swap him for the world! It can be very hard to rent with what people consider to be a 'big dog'.
  5. Yuri's only 1/4 husky but I had him from a pup.. Aya was free to good home here at 6 months Shiloh was free to good home here at nearly 2, Freya came from a family.
  6. With vets not so willing to do payment plans anymore and the prices going up it doesn't suprise me. It's rediculous how much vet care costs now and insurance companies are even more stingy about what they will and won't pay out for..
  7. So glad to see your ok Becky, get well soon! Hugs from me and the pack.x
  8. She was worried about you and wanted to make sure you'd get well again. I hope you've had that checked by a doctor. Glad your feeling better now.x
  9. You can sometimes get 'light' versions of the foods know a few brands that do them. Not sure wainwrites do though you might just have to cut her portion a little.x
  10. My personal opinion is to wait until after the first season. That is what I did with Aya. She matured a bit emotionally before she had it done. But she was 1 year when I got it done. I'm not sure I'd be happy sending a female in for that type of surugury at only 6 months old. I think it should be done after a year. But Aya didn't have her season till she was 10 months so getting her spayed at 1 worked out really well. It was stressful when she was in season though because even though both my boys are neautered they still had a lot of interest. I had to keep them seperate for the week that she was receptive to keep them all safe. There are plus sides to having it done at 6 months, I think you need to read up about doing both as it is a persnal preferance.
  11. I tried to message yesterday but my internet wasn't working. Becky, I really hope you get well soon. I'm sure Ryn will be waiting for you when you get home today. gentil hugs and licks from the pack and gentil hugs from me. Get well soon.x
  12. Thank you... I know that some people are not willing to forgive me and I won't begrudge anyone messaging me to ask for their money back if thats what to do.
  13. Thank you, I'll let you all know how much weight he's put on in 3 weeks time. If he's still low weight wise I will be seeking a specialist to see what he's allergic to. But for now he seems to be doing ok on this food so I can only hope thats all it is and that he'll be ok with this food and put on weight.
  14. he does not have a thyrod issue. The vet said it's food allergies. She is happy that he is doing well on wainwrites wet as he hasn't had any diareah, I have to go and weigh him in 3 weeks time to see if he's putting on weight. I may have to get him checked to see what his allergies are if he's not putting on weight. It's not parasetic like she initially thought and he is now back to normal behaviour wise so we think he had a virus for a few days. He is genrally happy in himself. Hopefully he will continue to improve.
  15. I disagree with what I have done... I was desperate. But everyone makes mistakes, it's those that do it again and again and don't learn from it that are the fools..
  16. I do agree... people don't know the full story of anyone or their situation. With out knowing the full facts you can never make the right choice. Sometimes people do stupid things or say stupid things that hurt other people. If you think before you act it's less likely to happen. I for one know this all to well..
  17. Dear forum, Yes I did breed a litter, no I did not health test Freya, if I had that type of money I'd of spent it on getting Shiloh better. Freya was brought for me by family as a present after the death of my father in law... She is actually 2 on the 28th January she isn't under 1. She was brought for me as a pet and not to breed. The previous owner knows and is fine with it. I did not pay for a stud dog, again if I had that type of money it would go on Shiloh, I owe them the sale of the first puppy. I did not dupe anyone I didn't ask for you to help but you very kindly did and the money did go on Shiloh. I will provide recipts and lab reports and once pups have sold I will repay anyone who feels that I have conned them, which I honestly haven't, at least not intentionally.. I bred Freya because I didn't want to see Shiloh put down. I didn't know that people would help me, I thought I was in it on my own. I chose the best stud dog I could so the pups would have the best chance. They are all going contracted and endorsed. I have been careful who I have placed them with and I do care about the future of my pups. The deposits have helped with the care of the pups and I am very heavely overdrawn for paying for their care. If Freya had of needed a c-section my vet would have done it and I would of had to pay it back as they won't put a dog down if it needs care. Unfortunatly Shiloh's condition is not considered imediate life threating so that is why they won't do a payment plan for him. If anyone has any questions for me you are welcome to pm me and I will answer them. I am not proud of the mistake I have made but I have made it and it can not be undone. I am the one that has to live with it for the rest of my life and believe me I will never do it again. I never made the website to make myself look reputible I just put up what I had done with my dogs it was up before I bred and has now been removed because aparently there are some very horrible people out there who think it's right to put someone down without knowing the full story. The fact remains I know what I did was wrong, if anyone wants their money back I will put your email on a list and paypal it to you as soon as I have the funds to do so...
  18. This seriously sucks.. if they mucked up I hope the vets put the price of the rabies vacs down! Vacinating 4 dogs would be a nightmare I'm sure rabies vacs are about £60 although I could be wrong..
  19. thanks, sadly no money till I get paid now Have enough food for the month.x
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