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  1. They are, I don't know what I'd do with out my hole diggers, howlers and snuggle bums. I love all of them, would never be with out them!
  2. It can be really hard to get a place with pets. Keep looking you'll find somewhere
  3. We'll see... lol. Ops Aya was 5 months when we got her not 6!
  4. I had trouble finding somewhere to live. But my landlord is amazing. I'd not swap him for the world! It can be very hard to rent with what people consider to be a 'big dog'.
  5. Yuri's only 1/4 husky but I had him from a pup.. Aya was free to good home here at 6 months Shiloh was free to good home here at nearly 2, Freya came from a family.
  6. With vets not so willing to do payment plans anymore and the prices going up it doesn't suprise me. It's rediculous how much vet care costs now and insurance companies are even more stingy about what they will and won't pay out for..
  7. So glad to see your ok Becky, get well soon! Hugs from me and the pack.x
  8. She was worried about you and wanted to make sure you'd get well again. I hope you've had that checked by a doctor. Glad your feeling better now.x
  9. You can sometimes get 'light' versions of the foods know a few brands that do them. Not sure wainwrites do though you might just have to cut her portion a little.x
  10. My personal opinion is to wait until after the first season. That is what I did with Aya. She matured a bit emotionally before she had it done. But she was 1 year when I got it done. I'm not sure I'd be happy sending a female in for that type of surugury at only 6 months old. I think it should be done after a year. But Aya didn't have her season till she was 10 months so getting her spayed at 1 worked out really well. It was stressful when she was in season though because even though both my boys are neautered they still had a lot of interest. I had to keep them seperate for the week that she was receptive to keep them all safe. There are plus sides to having it done at 6 months, I think you need to read up about doing both as it is a persnal preferance.
  11. I tried to message yesterday but my internet wasn't working. Becky, I really hope you get well soon. I'm sure Ryn will be waiting for you when you get home today. gentil hugs and licks from the pack and gentil hugs from me. Get well soon.x
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