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  1. Thanks all for responding! He definitely senses a change- i just don't want him stressing out therefore as i have just started maternity leave today i'm hoping he will settle better if i'm about more often. He has never been an overly anxious dog to begin with-in fact he is the cool calm collected one this is why we are so surprised at his behaviour lately. This makes sense as he does have to follow me about or he just stares at me most of the time. I'll definitely try some of the above, i'm just scared that the destructiveness will get out of control and he w
  2. Hi all, I'm currently 37 weeks pregnant and one of our male dogs has become destructive while we are out of the house. He has also taken possession of a ball and he is absolutely obsessed with it. This is completely out of character for him as he's usually so laid back. He is obviously sensing the impending change and is a bit stressed so how can i reassure him? I'm a bit worried over the ball possession as i don't want this getting worse when the baby comes. He's 8 1/2 years old so obviously not a puppy! I should also note that my other two huskies seem to be gra
  3. I find Huskies are more like people than you think. You get confrontational people and non-confrontational people-same with our pups. He would obviously rather just be laid back and well behaved - just take him out of the uncomfortable situation like you said you did and he'll be much happier. He sounds like a lovely dog x
  4. Thanks guys for the replies, just realised i never replied! i ended up going for the OneTigris Military Vest style. really sturdy and has detachable pouches.
  5. Hi all, I've been searching the web for a backpack that is kind to my bank balance, comfortable & padded with a sturdy D ring to attach a lead. We are planning to take our husky pack on hikes so any suggestions welcome! Is it a you get what you pay for situation? Do the £100 jobber to a better job than the £30 quid jobbers? Lete know!! Thanks
  6. Lol'd at the pillow!! I just put myself between then and nudged one of them out of the way until they realised it was me. Thanks for the advice- I'll go from the rear instead! I really want this to work out Storm and Chinook are around 6 years and the new guy is 2 1/2 so I guess it's an age difference where he is still in puppy excitable stage!
  7. Update: it's actually my female who is doing all the scrapping at the min. My male just snaps then walks off. But my female will stand her ground and fight the new boy. The new boy has become more confident and has began to fight back one trigger is toys. Big scrap today just when I thought we were making progress please someone reassure me that this will all settle and it's quite normal for the scrapping!!!
  8. I don't have children but these three definitely make sure I don't miss out on the child experience!!
  9. I don't understand why though!! They are aloof and lil B@@stards at times lmao
  10. Hi there, I had joined about 5 years ago when I brought home my first husky puppy (Storm) and obviously needed advice! I Don't be about much but I always pop up when I need advice on something husky related as this forum is full of members with so much experience! Since then I have also adopted Chinook and most recently this weekend another member called Cooper The family just keeps growing!! Heres some pictures (Sorry don't know how to turn this around!)
  11. I know right lol 2 was enough!! Can't put him in another room as he goes nuts when left alone . . .understandable considering his background. I've just resorted to pushing him away from the other male and a firm NO!
  12. Thanks Nix. I'll try that. When Chinook was rescued he just came into the house and lay down and that was that so i'm pretty new to this lol
  13. HI there, I have two huskies one female and one male (both nearly 6 years old) which get along absolutely great. They are so laid back. However this weekend I adopted another male 2 1/2 years old (of course due to other peoples negligence and can't look after him any more!!) Any tips on how to help the males get along? The new guy is a great temperament and just wants to play all the time. My own Male plays for a bit then has to tell him to back off to which the new male just does not stop!! Do I let them turf it out which could end up in a fight? or do i intervene and tell the new m
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