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  1. Computer mouse in one hand bank card in the other (like I haven't spent enough this week already)
  2. Nikitas a princess she wont get her feet wet lol
  3. Me, His lord and master, The princess and possibly a foster dog depending.
  4. Don't know how scarey this ones going to be to be honest not one I've been to before, infact I don't think the team have been to it before.
  5. I have absolutely nothing sorted. Not like me at all I'm never this disorganized. Sales have started now tho on camping stuff so I'll shall get my butt into gear
  6. NOVEMBER * Has a lot of ideas - Yep * Difficult to fathom - Depends on the mood * Thinks forward - Try to * Unique and brilliant - Of course Duh !! * Extraordinary ideas - I don't think so but then as the last one said I am brilliant * Sharp thinking - Sharp enough to act daft so nobody asks me to do anything complicated * Fine and strong clairvoyance - Working on it * Can become good doctors - I'd be a better Doctor than Nurse lol * Careful and cautious - Depends on situation * Dynamic in personality - * Secretive - If needed to be * Inquisitive - Why do you need to know??? * Knows how to dig secrets - Yep * Always thinking - Yeah bad habit must stop that * Less talkative but amiable - Noooo I'm the shy quiet one! * Brave and generous - Brave or stupid? Generous yeah another bad habit * Patient - God no * Stubborn and hard-hearted - can I lie on this one? * If there is a will, there is a way - Yep * Determined - Yep otherwise known as stubborn * Never give up - Again stubborn * Hardly become angry unless provoked - suppose so never really thought about it * Loves to be alone - Oh yes * Thinks differently from others - I refere you back to the Brilliant comment earlier * Sharp-minded - Isn't this the same as sharp thinking? * Motivates oneself - motivates oneself to procrastinate * Does not appreciates praises - true * High-spirited - does this mean drunk? * Well-built and tough - Fat and Gobby yes and yes * Deep love - yeah
  7. He's handsome T looking forward to introducing Niki and him
  8. Of course Her friend has good taste .... It's me lol Glad you signed up T and Glad Spike found a home. Shopuld of warned you you would get beaten to death for photos sorry about that lol
  9. Nobody wants to come find some ghosties?
  10. Don't mind having the dragon in the house but i have put my foot down regarding having its food in the house. "the Food" is living in Phils shed and thats the end of it *stamps foot*
  11. okay just the one pic apparently the others are too big but they might show up on that link http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150698091210714.705605.559370713
  12. and just so @Sarah doesn't stick a on me again I've (hopefully) stuck some pics on for you xxx
  13. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=216364791717193 hoping that link works
  14. Yes marc ... Sorry Marc.... Hangs head in shame and sneeks off
  15. Thanks linda. Have a great time in New York zena and co
  16. hey up... im registered but can't see the section is that right?
  17. Good idea, No idea what my post count is but if you could ban me from that section I'd be grateful want to rehome them all
  18. well done both of you niki loves those chessy bites too
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